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Dog Training

14 Important before Training the Dog.

     If you want to train a dog. Important to coaching the dog was successful. Training need to consist of these things.

1. Love and mercy.
     Love and compassion. What represents the mental condition of the trainer. If the coach of this will not succeed in practice. Participants must have a good love mercy pity dog consistently. Should not be punished the dog made a harshly. When dogs fight, stubborn to suppress with.

2. Intention.
     Dog training needs to be determined. Because some dogs than to practice or used. To find problems through barriers have a lot of troubles. If the coach no intention might have failed, but if the coach coaching concentrate, determined not discouraged. Not bored, not emotional. Can be done easier not to throw away the good apprentice training half-baked. If coach Don’t dog training and coaching to finish a replacement. To make the time to get acquainted with the dog.

3. Availability.
     Availability in both mind and body of the trainer. If the trainer has a body is not perfect, not strong, disease such as the flu should not train a dog because flu infections from coaches may contact to the dog. The trainer should wear clothes that fit and sneakers. Dog training to take long. Trainees must have the mind and want to teach, calm, a gentle mood is happy when the time to quit. Should tease or play with the dog. Should not be stressful to practice too.

4. Know how.
     To Dog Training, The trainer must have actual knowledge. Learning to train dogs Understand the way and manner of training that the trainer and the dog should be in any manner for any other position, how to move, to use the editing and should know that dogs love. Or have a habit The correct lesson from easy to difficult.

5. Time.
     The time spent training should be an early evening. It is the wind that blows through The temperature and humidity suitably. Even if the dog is an animal with ability. But there are limits, such as hot air. The dog may not follow orders, or as the rain fog. It should not take the dog to the practice because the trainer and the dog may catch a cold. The time used to practice should not be too long until the dog the boredom and lack of interest. Training takes time and should not be in a hurry.

6. Age.
     Dog training should be over the age of 6 months. If trained dogs are less like coaching young children not interested, also want to play, training, it may have little effect if necessary to dog training are less. Should practice with gentle should not practice pose danger, usually dogs will last only about 8 years. The dog with great care, and may be used for up to 10 years or more.

7. Noise.
     Trainers should use the appropriate sounds. If the order to dissuade the looks and the solution should be clear, firm voice, it sounds strong influence that can force a dog. The admiration and praise should be sweet, soft, gentle voice. More importantly, the use of various noise Should be available and compliant with the hand and the eye. Typically, while the trainer Do not use a lot of noises If you need or emergency practitioners can use voice or voices strong because the dog refused to follow orders easier. However, if the practice of noise all the time to practice regularly. When it is necessary or there is an emergency. Dogs do not pay attention because the noise accustomed to.

     NOTE – Each dog training each species for each size. Will look different. Some dogs like sound, light and soft. If the trainer is very loud. The dog may panic and follow the command with suspicion.
     CAUTION – The dog’s ears can hear sound waves is limited. If noise over 75 decibels will harm the hearing of the dog. The volume and frequency. The dog was howling as a nuisance. Such as bells, etc.

8. Repeat.
Dog training necessary to act effectively often. To use the same command and over and over again. Until the dog to understand or follow orders correctly, accurate and fast. The skills and can tidy finally. Dog training must be emphasized to the dog and harmless, and delight. If no income should not coercion. The dogs do what displeases you, it makes you unhappy or do things beyond their capabilities.

9. Patience.
     The coach will give the dog orders or practice right is difficult. Patience is the most important thing of dog training. Because the dog doesn’t know the command language of human beings. I don’t know the hand signals used before. While coaching trainer requires patience. Don’t use emotions with dogs. Gradually, practice, don’t be impatient or mood is bad. The lack of self-control. Try to do each posture on purpose. Hardworking and earnest.

10. Prais.
     A compliment is what the dog needs. When the dog can do right, to compliment the sound of soft sweet, very good, very good. A brilliant, brilliant with his left hand and hit the left shoulder of the dog around 3 to 4 once or more so the dog knows.

     Praise with the exception, When the dog made a mistake and coaching edit, dogs can correct. Don’t say comforting or reward.

11. Correction.
     Correction is important. As soon as the dog trainer to correct the wrong, or ignored orders. If not corrected immediately, the dog doesn’t know what’s wrong, such as dogs made by engines crouch end badly, and coaching punishment until the dog to stand, the dog will confuse. Confused, don’t know what’s wrong? So the dog understand and not a bad habit Coach must order using a thick voice than usual, then slowly to correct the position correct Or it may be punished with the thrust collar or chain leashes, but should not be punished with violent or brutal dog because the dog may get hurt. Fear, love, or of coaches, finally escape trainer.

12. Eye.
     While training, there are some dogs look coaching. This type of dog training and attention training easy better dog likes looking the other way. If a dog running coaching should be looked at by the harsh eyes Because the eyes can make a strong dog scared.

13. Intelligence.
     Each dog has the different capability. Some of the more clever, capable. A feature that the trainer and everyone’s need. The dog is very wise. It will train the various orders easily.

14. Place.
     Place to practice should be clean, convenient, safe, no interference, such as a lawn in the dog house, under the shade of the trees, building widely. Place training should fence around. For training a dog with active not to run to escape. The dog trainer well into practice should change the place in order to dog’s confidence in various areas and not the boredom. Some dogs. If trained there regularly. The practice elsewhere. There may be some who don’t follow.