5 Simple Steps Train a Dog to Know His Name.

     Teaching your puppy to know his name. Is one of the most important things you can do when you get a new puppy. It is the foundation of other training as well as the basis of his relationship with you. Using his name constantly and positive will help the dog know and understand when do you expect him to do.

     Your puppy’s name will become a very useful tool to get his attention before he commands the other. This is a better foundation. Before the start of training other and you expect to keep him out of trouble, such as stop him in certain circumstances, by simply calling his name, he must be stopped. And turn to you, is also a useful tool for their own safety.

     After you have chosen a good name for a dog. It’s time to train your dog to respond to that name. To teach a dog to know that name may take time. Especially if they have other names already before becoming a part of the family. If you just have a puppy’s name. He needs to learn that he should respond to his name when called.

     Call the dog when it sees you and show symptoms ready or willing to come to you, when it comes to praise or reward until it caught the meaning. To see you once were called to get satisfaction.
The dog did not completely useless. Because cannot use it. In addition to the name, may use other sounds such as whistle blowing short was used as well. In case of need to order from a distance.

Please note that the naming your dog should be short, it should be no more than two syllables. And you must not confuse the dog. The name is not the same as, or unique to the commands to be used in the teaching practice, such as sit, down, wait, no, Etc.
Don’t call the dog all the time. That it won’t and the dog will not respond.

5 simple steps to train a dog to know his name.
Step 1.
     Be sure to start training. In a place where you and the dog to be alone with you, without the distractions and a pastry bag for use as a prize We won’t start training if your puppy tired or too excited.

Step 2.
Say your puppy’s name with bright and live sound mind, which will attract him. And as soon as the dog look at you or see you provide little to him, with a compliment. As things to stimulate your puppy looking at you when you call. This 10 to 20 times and break out periodically.

Step 3.
     Training in other places, The voice and the other things included such as television. Other pets or let him play his toys. Then call his name Wait a few seconds If they responded by turning to you or to you for a small reward and praise him. But if he does not respond Wait a while and then start training the new Step 1.

Step 4.
     This training every day for several days. And more variable test his attention, such as his name while he was playing or secret. Or call as he walked. Observing response and dog. And admire him when he responded to his name.
Step 5.
     Don’t punish a dog or emotional angry dog. If your dog could not respond to his name, please keep in mind that the “Repetition” and “Patient” is the key to making training success.