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“The dog never bark” is the nickname of this breed. Basenji is one of old  dog breed, it is in hunting dog (Hound) type, with the local origin of the Nile in Egypt. But when the Egyptian empire collapse this breed of dog is a reduction in the number of down.

     The word “Basenji” is Swahili means “Something in the Bushes.” this dog is a small Legs look long, similar in same Fox Terrier. Run fast, like catch the mouse shape similar to the little deer. Was specifically Odorless and does not bark

The character of varieties.

     This breed of dog has elegance and talent. keeping clean and free of smell of the dog. And also can train the excretion easily. Although Basenji will not bark, does not mean that it is a dog that doesn’t make a sound. Basenji can also express was excellent. Especially when the dog is happy or when caught something bad. Because Basenji watchdog is well. He will not to bark like a dog. But will blare dreadful if danger signal closer.

     Basenji is a dog that loves freedom. Not like to be forced. This species is not properly trained dog will not obey the boss. So the boss should not be forced to rape the dog. must force but not too much.

Habits – intelligent active not like bark. Free love don’t like anyone to coercion, a good friend of the people.

Header – flat skull,  skull near the ear is bigger then turn down to the eye. Not wrinkled forehead.

Ears – a small, hair of ears are soft.

Eyes – Dark eyes look like an ellipse.

Mouth – big and rounded, then taper down to the nose.

Nose – black.

Tooth – mesh like scissors.

Torso – short, straight, strong, parallel with the ground, the height of the body and the length of the body is nearby.

Neck – is quite long.

Chest – depth width intermediate ribs spread moderation.

Front legs – straight, strong, the ankle bone in front of proper length see from the front and both feet straight parallel to each other. small toe.

Hind legs – look at the back side, legs upright parallel apart and moderation.

Tail – set roll slightly to roll left or right.

Hair and Color – soft Hair is short and glossy. Hair colors such as brown or red-brown or black may be have white at chest, feet, tail, or neck area.

Size – is small.

Weight – female, approximately 22 pounds, male, approximately 24 pounds,

Height – the female high 16 inch, male high 17 inches.

Defects – round head, round eyes, ears are low, irregular teeth gnashing, chest too wide, too big bones, hairy cream or too faded.