full life of warm relationship with the dogs.

Dog Training

Basic Dog Training

     A dog that has been trained since young. If there’s bad behavior It’s easier to fix than a dog that has not been trained to obey orders. The dog does not receive training may become aggressive and dangerous for owner and others people. The owner should start training a dog since childhood, is much easier than by train to familiar with orders to walk on the leash, game playing, etc.

When to start training.
You should not be serious about training dogs very much. If the dog has not reached the age of 7-8 months. Some people say that the animal psychologist The puppy, some can be started when the age 7 weeks. Then teach more techniques later. But what about the techniques, let a dog training career as a coach. While your puppy is still early in a puppy, intend to win it. They love you and respect you. Basic training will start at the age of 3-4 months. This age should be trained to walk pretty as you motivate sitting, laying order and come to you when you called.

You should take part in the training.
You must have patience to clarify the dog understand that Each word you order that mean? Do it by hand, or the rope holding for the training. Make sure in order with your voice. Teach it daily to what you need to know it? Review orders with symptoms of assembly. Demonstrate it over and over again. Dogs have a chance to get to know remember. When it starts to learn to use just the words order without acting again. When it fails, you should be solved immediately. At first, were kind to it. And gradually strengthen gradually progressing of training.

     Don’t lose patience or cranky first. Don’t hit it by hand, or the rope holding while training. You just look at it or is it the dog feel enough. When the dog to do what you want. Praise it and rubbed it. Do not reward a dog with candy or treat it too while training. The dog used to the habit of being awarded this trust rarely. Because it is not willing to do without the smell of candy or prizes. If disobeying orders or do something fancy. You should say with the dog. It will be better on more often.

Lessons on practice.
The training is hard work both the dog and dog trainer. Small takes practice during one no more than 10 minutes. It won’t want to practice so it should be limited not to the first lesson too long, then gradually more time to a period until the 30 minutes. You may find that you can start over, too. When close to the practice. When you feel that you are in a bad mood to stop the practice, take the remaining review old lessons . first and before or after the lesson should be a rest play. Not between classes. Even a dog that children will eventually learn that. Time to learn is to strictly seriously. The fun will follow later. Don’t take the time to practice first. Otherwise, the dog will get bored, try to finish the good if the dog doesn’t do what you want, that is because you can’t make it and remember it well enough.

The voice used in training.
When you train a dog to use voice in order that actively and clear. The first time you gave the order to insist the original command until it obey. Or even pull it to listen to you somehow. It must learn that the practice is different from the play. Whenever a command it must obey. No matter what a distraction, as appropriate. Remember that your voice tone and weight (must not loud) will influence the dog is the most To say the words stressing. In the use of words between training limited your orders to use words just 2-3 words. If possible, do not change the order. It’s best if there is only one dog trainer, others may use different orders issued. Practice is different, which may make the dog confused. Hearing dogs command type. “Here”, “come to me”, “hurry up” or order the melody but needs the same is it came. If you use the command, so it is very confusing. I’ll give it to use the best.

A tool in practice.
1. The ropes used to lead the wide use of the term “conductor“, so we will instead, the main character. For best practice is a woven fabric. Long 6 feet. Mainly used mousey, moss, or be used as a movie of equal size. Or to be used as a spice is used, it’s up to you to choose.

     2. To use the dog training collar coupled with. Training collar mainly made of nylon or steel chains, which have a loop attached at both ends. The conductor end loop with two. Use a vacation or pulling force dog even sounds shocking. But it doesn’t make your dog be hurt in any way. And it will be used in training. Practice how to use right collar Training collar should be put around the dog’s neck. So that you will be able to lead to the loop at the end of the interpreter collar. Don’t put the loop under the neck, it is important to put the training collar on the right. It is time you as the main character. And easy when you relax or hold the main character.

     3. How to capture source is very important. Because the collar should drop all the time. But time pull, catch the rope with your right hand, cross hands to the side. The left hand has brought as close to the collar to practice as much as possible. The rest of the conductor’s coiling ring (that you hold the right hand) attached to the arm and torso, relax, pull, or loosen, all handmade left. With the thrust.