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     The birthplace of Beagle is not very clear. But as know will be in Europe and a dog in the group of small hunting. In the book said back in 1475 that they are the most popular in the United States and Canada. Beagle have in Top 10 Ranked with more popular than 30 years. Beagle is a great hound. At the same time, it is a good pet.

     You will love Beagle if you find theme. Because Beagle is Intelligent, gentle, calm, courteous, and the resolute.

     Beagle is organized in small groups of dogs chasing a fox. short hair, smooth, body length of the ship than the high and low ear close to the head. The normal color of the Beagle has 3 color, white, black and tan, but the color is cool and acceptable colors mixed together, all colors are accepted.

     Beagle dog is a dog in the group of hunting dog Scar most often caused by hunting. Kerf nicked ears that may be caused by grass leaves poisonous thorns, etc.

     The natural pet Beagle is of loyalty, gentle and strong, be patient. And he was with child’s play as well. With love and commitment, boss. Beagle never show irritation or aggressive, whether it is any situation. Beagle is a hunting dog with a happy ability. And the adaptable whether being used to chase the animals in the morning. A child’s play in the afternoon. It also brings carry play in the evenings.

Standard of the breed.
– the skull is quite long. Occipital bone dome wide forehead and full. The long nose, medium the nose saw clearly.

Tooth – teeth have a strong white teeth, fit together.

Eye – big round eyes is situated is located in position. The gentle eyes and expression of enthusiasm, the eye is brown or reddish brown.

Ear – is in the low position slightly closer to the head, the edge of the ear close to the cheek, the front is long, Ears are very long if spread out. In the end can not make the ear was set up.

Neck – neck medium long positions in the independent, strong neck not low. Neck wrinkles of the skin clean, but maybe a little.

The wrong manner, thick neck, short neck, are in line with the edge on the fluid, neck wrinkles of the skin.

Body front torso – muscles clean and full of strength.

The front legs – straight, full of bones, which is a symbol of the hunting dog, ankle short and strong.

Trunk – chest deep and widespread, causing thoracic ribs clear complete

The end of the torso, strong muscles of hip and thigh tight strong, resulting in a body full of vitality.

The hind leg – he is strong slope down to fit the ankle balance.

Foot – foot shape round paw solid.

The wrong manner – Long legs and socks to spread out.

Tail – is in the medium. Tail rounded up a little higher, but not to the front so much. The tail is bushy hair.

The hair tail – long tail bend wrong too much in front of or no tail feathers.

Hair – hair very short and strong. Hair color 3 together without any color dominant.

Height – should not exceed 15 inches. Measured from the hip to the standing foot in nature.

The Manner that is not acceptable – Unilateral testicular Spitfire shy or fearful than 15 inches teeth are not formed.