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Bull Terrier

     Bull Terrier is a sweet nature. A brave warrior is a very active guard dog, Love family and his territory by instinct. Those who live in apartments, The area is less always popular breed Bull Terrier, to help protect As a guard dog The dog is also economical.

     Sometimes may be stubborn, But it is a dog  that is good with kids as well. So he is in order to practice taught since the first day. Especially if will raise him together with other types of pets. Naturally be aggressive with the dog being screwed.

     Bull Terrier is a dog with a strong body and structure Muscular portion proportion to widely. The active nimble, agile, mind full of enthusiasm. Witty and intelligent, excellence, full of passion. But the other half is that sweet heart gentle. Not against the discipline.

The character of varieties.
     Bull Terrier is a perfect combination of beauty and strength, agility, he desires the friendship from us. His identity and he’s friends with us for the rest of your life. Loyal to everyone in the family Bull Terrier has the habit that we need to amusing brains have a personality like no other dog breeds Everyone must love in his beauty. Appearance, including his signature. Is a special thing that differs from other dog breeds The identity and nature of the Bull Terrier is very complex.

     Bull Terrier is a dog very naughty, and act as a child, so you must prepare things. And must take care of him. Naughty is the style that is found in almost all young bull terrier puppies are very naughty, Bull Terrier continue to play until the age of 5-6 years. Bad if you leave him alone one long, whether at home or in the field of play.

The breed standard.
Head – to long strength, full face looking like the egg stage from nose to the eyes noticeable than term from the eye to the top of the skull. The jaw on should be deep. See the scope is clear.
Ear – should be small, thin and has a position near the upright at all times.
Eye – deep enough, dark sparkling eyes, triangular, the drawbacks of this breed of dog has blue eyes.
Nose – should be black – rounded down to end.
Neck – muscular, long and an arch surface is smooth and no flagging.
Chest viewed from the front chest to wide deep, viewed from the side. Chest closer to the ground than the belly.
Torso – back to short and strong, shoulder to wide and smooth. The slope behind apparently.
Leg – big bones, no points are ugly. The shape and 2 side elbow outstretched foot short and upright.
Foot – round and compact with clear boundaries as the feet of the cat.
Tail – short hanging low, thinner, the base of the tail be thick and sharp to the end.
Hair – short, smooth when exposed to feel coarse hair shiny leather to tight.
Color is white, the other – normal color on the face recognition. But if any other colors on the fuselage will become a weakness.
Walking – are free to step, the front legs and rear legs. Move parallel to tighten the firm was originally lively.
Disadvantages – curved face, blue eyes, too much hair colors other than white.