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Dog Breed InfoSmall Dogs


     These dogs have a long history since the 19th century. Originated in the territory as Mexico today. The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. It is recorded that the discovery of this breed Chihuahua. Legend says Native very popular dog of breed Chihuahua. And there was a belief in luck, as well as some of these dogs to use in the lean client. The engravings found of this breed according to various rocks and caves.

Chihuahua has 2 type
– Short hair
– Long hair

The character of varieties.
     Chihuahua is a small dog that is used to feed as a friend. You can leave him to exercise in the garden behind the house. Although he would like to go out for a walk with you. And like barking noise like a small dog. Quite on the owner and not breaking into the house.

The breed standard.
Character – intelligent jovial stay alert.
Head – the skull with rounded cheeks is relatively small.
Ear – large ears. The breed furry ears are long hair
Eye – are rounded.
Mouth – is relatively small.
Nose – a relatively short has a variety of colors, depending on the color of hair.
Teeth – White and strong.
Body – the length of the body is longer than the height of the back line.
Chest – Rather wide.
Neck – with rounded shoulders. Type long fur neck hind.
The hind leg – heavily muscled, ankle after strong hind legs are apart right, look at the back, back straight, not on foot is a small toe and quite long.
Tail – is relatively long, curved tail lift up high
Hair and color – short hair type is soft and short all over the body
Weight – no more than 6 pound weight
Size – dog is a very small.
Walking – running with elegance.
Defective – ear falls, overweight 6 pounds.