full life of warm relationship with the dogs.

Get ready

Choose a dog

Big dog or small.
     Don’t forget that normally big dog, it will have to live in cramped and not to get exercise regularly. And of course, you need to add a food added with dog

Purebred dogs or mixed breed.
     Although each dog’s personality is different. But the same breed will look something like that, you will know that he will do yourself grow up to be an adult. Hybrid mixed breed dog or puppy from breeding over that breed is cute. The dog may have the good things, but it cannot predict how to grow a dog. The mood of the dog to do, especially if you don’t know the parents of the dog before.

Dog hair long or short hair.
     Long hair is very beautiful dog but these dogs need to take care of to clean and have healthy hair. Dog breed long hair this some need hair cut. To get to the summer to arrive the dog hair short You will not have to pay attention to the dog very much and looks cleaner when the rainy season.

Dog breed has the nature and habit?
     Dog breed border colly was born to a shepherd is boring and easily frustrated when the dog leaves behind one or not do something for a long time.

     So whether it is a breed of dog that you should learn to know what kind of life nature puppy to find activities to suit the breed of dog. Because the dog is so unhappy. To become a dog with behavior problems.

Male or Female dog.
     Dogs that are naturally bigger bitch in the same species. And the like are interested in things around. Some dog owners often think that bitch would love to own more. stay in home more and it shall be with child better. However, the bitch will to the breeding 2 times a year If you do not intend to castrate her is prepared for that. The range of years will be a hard time for you. You want a puppy? Or do you want the dog that grew up in the house.

     Most people want to let his dog growth and training a dog since he was small. But I didn’t mind the dog grown. Because although grew up he still love and loyalty to the owner of the dog is always and never rust. The advantages of the big dog. Dogs are often trained already have the emotional nature and clear the puppy will pass the refraction of early life.

     However, before you can choose a big dog in the house. Must find know why no one get the dog in. Before you see the dog may be that the dog may not be ideal. As not suitable for the previous owners.

Choose a puppy from where?
     You select a dog that likes to keep in mind your best, you can find a dog you like in the shop famous dog is known. You might find these names will be with other dog owners or your veterinarian. Or by the ads that appear in the magazine about the famous dog or a newspaper, or even to see the show dogs.

     Do not buy a dog with the seller, which bring the puppy from many place. These dogs may be weaned too early and may have to travel from far away. And the dog may face the fear or confusion before you even These are often susceptible to disease and puppy from infection and stress.