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Cocker Spaniel

     Cocker Spaniel is a very cute creatures. it is a dog with a long history of the Spaniel Group. A small dog Commonly used as a sporting dog Since the 17th century. AKC registered this breed in the year 1982 this dog is a dog that is cheerful, energetic have grace in time standing or running. The body has a compact size. Cocker Spaniel are dogs belong to two breeds is English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel. Is the smallest in the Sporting Group spaniels.

The character of varieties.

     Cocker Spaniel have the habit of a dog used in hunting sport is unique. With well-developed senses awesome! And has been widely used in the United States. As a dog used in sports hunting. Will be easy to strangers and should not be used as a cover or guard dog. The dog In general, the mood is stable and is a species that adapt well. There are small enough to put on the plate but big enough to take long walks and play with him for a long time. Cocker Spaniel are generally gentle, loving family and good friends with the children, and compatible with other pets, He Is also an excellent therapy dog.

The breed standard.

Habits – intelligent, cheerful, loving owners, like flattering, playful, loyal, friendly.

Header – skull and forehead are correlated, somewhat rounded. The upper part of the head is quite smooth.

Ears – Long ear close to the cheeks. If you pull forward the ear will be long until the nose, soft hair.

Eyes – The eyes are medium in size, oval hole Dark Brown has the gleam of intelligence.

Bridge of the nose (Stop) – a break in moderation.

Mouth – (Muzzle) – should have a square shape. And the size is related to the width of the skull, mouth to make things quite a long period with high efficiency, strong, square jaw lips. The length of the mouth is similar in size to the length of the skull.

Nose – sense smells nice, wide nose, black or brown.

Teeth – strong, mesh-like scissors.

Torso – is a compact, strong, active, top line straight slope from shoulder to hip. The height is similar in size to the length of the body.

Neck – long, have strong muscles, can walk conveniently.

Chest – small to the elbow. The chest is too wide, so the movement of the front legs are obstacles.

Front legs – straight elbows close body. Looking at the front legs parallel and apart right ankle short straight toe. The hair is tight.

Waist – slightly curved waist short strong.

Hip – wide, rounded contains strong muscles. Do have the strength to rise.

Hind leg – Athletic ankle after a relatively short ankle angle has a fit.

Tail – cut short the tail base is relatively high. The tail will wiggle time happy.

Hair and Color – the head quite short. The body is a little wave curly hair, the proper length, the ears, breast, abdomen, foot hair quite long, color has a variety of colors including single color all over. Such as black, brown, or several colors mixed together.

Weight – Male heavy 28 – 34 pound Female heavy 26 – 32 pounds.

Height – Male high 16 – 17 inch Female high 15 – 16 inches.

Flaw – the mouth is too short or mouth pointed teeth mesh unusual, lips Dangle, without the broken nose, twisted ankles, lower body front end. A dog with one color but only white.