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     The ancestors of this breed is a large dog breed that weighs more than 35 pounds is in mole hunt later in the 100 years. Has been developing strains are smaller in Germany. In order to hunt rabbits and foxes, “Dach” means “Mole” and “Hund” which means “Dog” is the origin of the name of this species.

     Dachshund dog is clever, lively, playful, loves to take part in the activities of the family, see the most prominent is the cringe. Plead with the matter with eyes that expectation. Or get to sit against the owner to show love and honesty with all the time, teaching the lessons is a boring thing for him. But if there is a good incentive such as candy and a tempting prize will make learning easier. He always gets along well with other animals. But No for  the stranger. The habit one often found in this breed is like to dig a hole, which may not be liked for who love trees, finding other activities. . to do such. Taking a walk or run, throw – a ball is another possibility that may distract him. What must not forget he was having in the feeding sheets will be like him the most.

Character of varieties.
     Whether it is a breed standard or Miniature is a small breed dog fed indoors and is unique. A small dog that looks funny. There should be a space so he exercises and play, whether at home or in the garden.

Standard of Breed
Head – when looking from the top or side head, gradually tapering to the tip of the nose is regularly seen as clear. A slightly rounded skull and should slope gradually without a stop to the bridge of the nose bone. Above the eyes bone sticking out apparently, long and narrow nose, lips sticking out to cover the lower jaw, but not deep or protruding mouth angle are marked clearly. Connect the dots of the upper and lower jaw at the back of the eye.

Teeth – canine teeth is very powerful. Dovetail well and the outside of the teeth in contact with the inside of the upper bottom should be tight.

Eye – size medium, egg-shaped oval located beside the expression of intelligence power, jovial, brown eyes, red and black out sugar for fur and all kinds of color The eyes, which are white or opaque in the case of dog designs Not very serious defects but is characterized by unwanted attention.

Ear – not near the top of the head. Not quite forward too long but not very long, narrow or roll movement of the ears, look lively and front edges touch cheeks.

The neck is quite long. The muscles without a skin the slack in the throat.

Shoulder – length width, slope and located firmly with muscle strength.

The front legs – the front leg length equals the upper shoulders and do right angle, bone and full of muscle is close to the ribs. Can move freely. The front legs are short compared to other varieties paw thickness, width and tilted slightly open. Do then nail strength.

Torso – generally have long. And full of the pelvic muscles strong. In the straightest possible between the top of the shoulder. The chest is oval and stretches to the bottom until the middle of the front legs. The ribs are full and oval when viewed from above or from the side to see the full.

The end – when looking at the back, should according to the breadth of hip long round, full, muscle strength, but the soft plastic model only gradually. The sinking of the tail. The pelvis is not very short, strong, strong and has a length of femur. Make a right angle with the pelvis. The hind legs strong and muscles
Knee, wide and strong, the fibula. Compared to other varieties are short, perpendicular to the femur and muscle strength. Paw after hooked gracefully and close together as a 4 inches.

Tail – in line with the spine to stretch out without continuous curved much. And should not be too happy when in the vertical tail.