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Dog Care

Dangerous Food for Dogs.

Dangerous food for dogs.

     Chocolate contains a substance called Theobromine which group with their material caffeine (which in the coffee, cocoa). If the dog ate it will result in the dog’s muscle, the heart beats vomiting, diarrhea, frequent urination, anxiety and may have had a heart attack and eventually death.

     Xylitol is a no-calorie sweetener, widely used, such as chewing gum, candy, mouthwash and toothpaste. Xylitol has no effect on the blood sugar level in human. But in dogs, ingestion of xylitol can make the low blood sugar (hypoglycemia.) and made the blood sugar level was decreased rapidly and severely in the symptoms observed such as vomiting, fatigue, walk, hard, falling, and trembling. The dog may be collapsed within 30 minutes. The dog eats a lot of xylitol can cause liver failure, which can lead to death. If you think your dog eat xylitol into a lot. You should seek the advice veterinarian immediately.

Baby food
     In a mixture of onions. If such ingredients into the body of the dog. It may make such a dog, fatigue, drowsiness, and tachycardia. Because the red blood cells are destroyed, is toxic to dogs. And if eat too much, probably in malnutrition.

Cat food.
     The protein and fat too much for the dog. For those who raise cats and dog together. Should be divided between both 2 pet food type. Because the cat has the quantity of protein and fat than the dog’s body.

Vitamin (of human)
     Specific vitamins with iron should not eat it because those vitamins might become toxic to destroy the digestive system. The liver and kidneys.

Products from cow’s milk
     Most dogs no enzymes digest the sugar lactose in milk enough. Some products may be high in fat beyond. Most pet and symptoms are allergic to cow’s milk, bloating and diarrhea should use milk with small molecules, such as the goat milk, milk, dog, etc.

Raw fish.
     Substances in raw fish caused the dog’s anorexia, shock unconscious until the death also cause lack of vitamin 1. Thiamine (vitamin B type) compounds that are needed for growth.

Raw eggs.
     In the raw eggs Avidin enzyme additives, which will reduce the efficiency of the enzyme adsorption of biotin (Vitamin B type) in the diet. The substance which biotin necessary to skin and hair of the dog. Results the symptoms and hair fall grow slower than usual, and problems with bone.

Raw pork.
     Apparently the pork fat, quite a lot. Which was higher than the dog’s body. If dog eat too much can cause blockages in blood vessels. Should avoid it.

     Actually, the dog can eat salt. Only the owner should keep in fit the dog’s body. If dogs eat too much salt need will affect to the kidneys. Dogs should not eat spicy, salty or sweet, because of its bad kidneys like people.

Coffee, tea, caffeine and sugar.
     It may cause similar symptoms to eat chocolate.

     The yeast in the food or snacks, various cause of wind in the stomach. Which may cause a stomach ulcers, including the intestines and other organs associated with the digestive system.

     The bones you see dogs like to chew, actually is hiding, too. If a dog chew no resolution may be attacked various organs in the digestive system and respiratory system.