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Dangerous Fruits and Vegetables for Dogs.

Dangerous Fruits and vegetables for dogs.

     Fruits and vegetables have many benefits for mankind. But in the meantime, some vegetables and fruits that are harmful to your dog swallowed. May cause some dogs to death ever.  Therefore, who loves the dog have to be careful.

Tomato and small cherry – are toxic to dogs. With colorful and attractive small fit words. It may be that your dog wants to taste. But will cause serious gastrointestinal problems to your dog.

Mushrooms – will cause indigestion. Results in the destruction of the liver, kidney, nausea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

Onions – when ingested will cause the gas. Cause the dog’s body is not normal, weak, destroy red blood cells.

Macadamia nuts – will cause muscle weakness dogs. Depression, vomiting, incoordination caused palpitations, fatigue, abdominal pain, fever and muscle pain. This will affect the dog’s hind legs than front legs. It may be hard to paralyze hind legs. These symptoms disappear after eating nuts to 72 hours.

Broccoli – cause gas in the lot.

Leaves and seeds of Apples, Almonds, Apricots – and fruit similar to result is toxic to dogs. Diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain. The seeds of these fruits are primarily cyanide. Which is toxic to both the man and his dog.

Avocado – a toxin that can cause cardiovascular problems of dogs. Including the conditions of fluid around the heart, respiratory complications that are important for several reasons.
The seed stems are toxic to dogs. Cause pulmonary edema, dyspnea, chest pain, abdominal pain.

Grapes – a cause toxicity in dogs of grapes has not confirmed that. But dogs tend to show signs of poisoning within 24 hours after eating the grapes. The dogs often cause acute renal failure. Cause kidney failure To death, even just a little wine.

Berry – both red and yellow in only 20 grams can lead to the death of a dog. The bark and leaves of berries that toxicity to dogs very much.

Peaches – paper pulp are manufactured from peaches no impact harm your dog, miasma, is their seeds. Seeds them effect is nice place cyanide may cause inflammation of the small intestine of the dog. Which caused by colon obstruction.

Plum – seeds of a plum has the effect is nice, as well as in cyanide peaches.

Persimmon – seeds of this fruit will cause a blockage of the intestine in dogs. The seeds of plum cause symptoms similar to any nuts Macadamia is a substance in seeds of plum will interfere with the work of the intestine. And resulting in inflammatory bowel disease in dogs.

Cherry – hyperventilating, shock, mouth sores swelling, heart rate faster.

Cashew nut ripe – its seeds will get rapid fermentation Acute toxicity and become immediately when your dog ate it up.

Oils of citrus fruit – cause vomiting.