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Dog Breeding

     There are many reasons in breeding. But with good reason is 2 issues.
– to breed.
– to improve the breed.

How to breed dog.
1. A dog breeding in the same family (Line Breed)
Line Breed is a dog breeding from the same family by view from the name of the dog in a pedigree with the same name, Line Breed breeding is most popular. We could have guessed that the puppy will look even close to the truth as possible. Most big farm used breeding methods in this format.

     Line Breed is a dog breeding from the same family see the name of the dog leaves pedigree named family or from the same ancestor on the top line (father) and bottom line (mother), the mix that will have you a dog with a look and style as the original.

     The identity of blood from the fold the original. The advantage is to have the puppy is according to breeder. The disadvantage is that there may be impaired by blood stick out.In breeding a Line Breed isn’t that the dog is father + son, brother + sister, and be careful not to breeding a blood too.

     Before the do Line Breed every time have to check the name dogs in the pedigree to have repeatedly over 7 times.

2. Breeding across tribes (Out Cross)
Dog breeding a Out Cross as breeding made widely. Breeding is quite risky. Because the dog breeding to study the history of dogs and late on and your bottom line. The breeding of this, It will take the breed from one tribe. Mixed with the another tribe.

     This method is mostly successful hard. Because the dog with the different family we can predict the appearance of the puppy out very difficult. Because the standard of the puppy in the litter may be different one is possible. this not as popular in the United States.

3. A close family pedigree breeding (In Breed)
Dog breeding a In Breed this is not recommended. This theory is sound and the harm to the puppy to occur. Because this method may cause the dog breeding was born with deformed high chance to Symptoms, disability will come from breeding genetically inferior to taking one puppy. Or even genetically rooted in the breeders who are unlikely to appear may appear again. Especially in the dog breeder is derived from the combination Out Cross that should not be done In Breed is strictly prohibited.

     In the case of the breeding. Sure to check the genetically well and ready to take measures.If the breeding mistake puppy disabled. You might destroy the dogs, such as lethal injection, etc. Or you may be lucky dog that looks as good as its parent species. But the dog that originated from a dog that is In Breed rarely used breeding again exploitation use contest only.