full life of warm relationship with the dogs.

Dog Training

Dog Training Techniques to Success.

     If you want to train a dog to be successful. must have knowledge and experience in the practice and principles. Many dog owners do not succeed in training his dog. Because these things are Just wanted to practice did so spoil yourself, it is very dangerous, because if you start poorly. You solve the problem followed by endless. This is a technique that can make your training a net force is simple, fun and successful as you want.

Communicate with language that dogs can understand.
     The dog is not human, and never learn any language at all before, you have to communicate with a clear, concise language and not confuse with the dog.

According to the schedule.
To set a time in dog training. And follow the time course at 2 time in training should be short, start from the practice time 5 – 10 minutes, then gradually increase the training time for a long time. Don’t practice for a long time until your puppy boredom. Or see a restless and distracted. The best time is the time before a meal. A little hungry puppy will alert and lively. The puppy just eat or before going to bed.

Be stable.
     The puppy that we didn’t do it for fun, do take it seriously. To him that he must do so serious as well. Don’t let the playful or brown eyes sad or cuteness dog makes you moved.

Be patient.
     If your puppy is not brilliant students in schools. Don’t be the reason you and the dog down. The puppy will know that you are angry or impatient, which will make him worried. He feels uneasy about the training. And it will bring you and the dog to get more complicated. If you feel frustrated should move to practice.

Be continuous.
     The same time order, use the words and sounds the same every time. If you say, “come on” in a tone that bright and understand during training. In practice, the next. Don’t change “come on”, with a voice that shows the power to practice the next time. The dog is confusing and may not respond to what you want.

Respond immediately.
     Use praise or make corrections as soon as your puppy to respond to commands. If he complied with the order. To fully compliment him immediately. If he can not Need to fix up the dog Otherwise, the dog is confused

Don’t use the mood and the punishment to hit the dog.
You don’t need to hurt or punish your dog. Both mentally or physically in dog training. It made the dogs shall obey with fear. The friendship between you and the dog is negative.

An end to the practice is always happy
So that both you and your puppy will feel satisfied with each other. How to train to succeed. Your puppy must have a positive attitude about training. There he surely depends on posture and you completely.