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German Shepherd

     German shepherd originated in Germany and name is also called “Alsatian“. This breed of dog has many abilities and used a lot of work has helped many people in the dark world by the leading blindness to everywhere, is a cop in Germany and Canada, everyone knows that his colleagues uphold the law are excellent. He served in the diamond mines in Kimberly. Watch the school in New York. Or keep an airbase in Tripoli. No one can calculate that German shepherd dogs have saved much in World War 1 and 2 by smelling for wounded soldiers. With the ability to smell good To help the search for people who were avalanche buried in the Alps of Switzerland.

     At present, this breed of dog with a beautiful shape, smart strongly. As a result of a mixture of a sheepdog, many of which included the dog with a small but fast field of northern Germany With the dog grows stout than a mountain south of the region.

General appearance.

     What impression of those who witnessed the German shepherd is the great strength, agility, muscular. Alert and lively. Overall look and harmony and proportion between front end and. The body is longer than the height, the size of the body is rather large. Whether it is stationary or moving. The feelings of shortness of muscle movement and gentle.

The character of varieties.

     It is known that German shepherd is a dog with loyalty and loyal, as well as the other dog used to escort flock. Or guide dog, German Shepherd should not have symptoms of irritability, aggressive or overly shy.

The breed standard character.

Habits – German shepherds have a distinct personality. The expression not afraid, but not aggressive, have self-confidence. Enthusiastic and active, energetic Willing to serve the full in the style of a friend. A watchdog and guide those who are in the dark. The dog is not a coward or hiding behind the boss, not sensitive. Don’t look around or turn up the front three. Do not show symptoms of panic. The tail will fall when hear or see strange things, the dog will give a committee to inspect teeth and solutions, testicles. If the dog bites will be expelled from the contest.

Head – look elegant, strong in proportion to the body, the mouth a long and strong, looking from the front, the forehead slightly arched, the bridge of the nose is not broken, the jaw strength.

Ear – Cape in moderation. In proportion to the skull and open forward. And will set up steep when concentrating. The ear when viewed from the front, to parallel and perpendicular to the ground. The ears are cut or hanging will be eliminated from the contest.

Eye – size medium, shaped like almond, oblique, slightly, but not convex. According to should be black the most. The eyes smart.

Teeth – Above 42 teeth  Below 22 teeth  athletic and mesh with scissors. The tooth above filed forward is an undesirable appearance. The lower teeth protruding forward a serious deficiency. If the tooth to other small is a serious flaw as well.

Neck – strong and muscular. The neck is long in proportion to the head, the movie not flagging. When the dog intended or excited head Chu high neck is extended by general head to apply forward more Chu high, but will be higher than your shoulders a bit more. Especially during the movement.

Foot – short and compact toes curved adequately, paw thick nails tight, short and black.

Proportions – The height of male dogs is between 24-25 inches, females 22-24 inches.

Weight – Standard is 30–40 kilograms (66–88 lb) for males and 22–32 kilograms (49–71 lb) for females

Body – the overall structure, a felt the depth and tight.

Tail – a bunch of kids Located at the hips and tail hanging down while in the rest position, the tail is slightly curved. When the dog is excited or is moving away from the curved and raised, but should not be bent forward, tail too short a defects greatly. If the tail is cut will be disqualified from the contest.

Walking – German shepherd dogs jog pace should be gentle and filed with the feet. Smooth and rhythmic.

Color – no exact colors, but it is appreciated if dark than light blue nose is a serious defect If white hair with the black nose or not will be prohibited into the contest.

Hair – should have 2 layer, long and medium outer coat should be tight, as much as is tight, straight hair, rough attached to the body, the outer coat curly slightly. The head as well as inside ears, forehead, legs and feet are covered with short hair, the neck is covered with hairs, thicker and longer. The front of the front legs and rear have long hair and submit to release control hair soft like silk, the outer coat too long, curly is very undesirable.