full life of warm relationship with the dogs.

Dog CareGet ready

Get ready for new members.

     When the puppy in the house for the first time. The puppy will feel to the place. He will explore sniffing around. And confused because everything around him is changed, including sound and smell to create exotic for the puppy. You should let the dog survey the new environment around. And you should be with a puppy before in the early stages. So the puppy accustomed us more and more. After getting used to the place, he will start to get to know us sniff.

     Now, the little one will also miss him, as well as sisters in his stall at all times. And the dog will look at us and family members in the refuge. Entrust to us as parents to replace the family. And for his own safety, trying to call him often, and this is exciting. For you and your family a lot as well, to see a lovely contrast low.

We should prepare the new things with new members as follows.

     1. Cage or small cubicles for 2-7 first night – the puppy will not sleep well. And the call being left alone. Some may sing several nights. While he is adapt to your house. Don’t scold or speak loudly to the dog in the 2-7 first day. Whether he will nibble belongings you? Or drip food. If the puppy is confused, he may be afraid you instead of loving you. A puppy if fear or hate something perhaps solve difficultly. It will stick to them.

     2. A Small collar – should be used to can loosen the line out easily. And should check the collar often. Expand the collar when the puppy grows. As the rope holding either don’t buy chain thrust strangled for puppies are small. May make a dog’s neck hurt. Should choose the rope holding used to fit the size of the dog. When you buy a collar and leash to pick the thing made of nylon or leather soft. Collar type that can be adapted to expand when the puppies grow best. If your puppy never collar before. He should have started to put a house in a 2-3 days before. When put in the first he may hand brush and related. In order to give you a collar that outHowever, will this be soon he will start to become familiar with the collar that you wear. When in the house it is necessary that the puppy will have to put the collar all the time. But if he should not go out without wearing a collar. After one week. The puppy was familiar with the collar and the rope holding some. You can take a puppy to go for a walk outside.

     3. Milk Bottle – for puppies In the case of the puppies from their mother. That dog will not let the puppy milk. Or dogs with milk is not enough. It is the duty of the owner to take care of them.

     4. Bowls for feeding the dogs – should be selected to fit the bowl feeder of the species we feed.

     5. A puppy chews toys to play – It helps keep teeth healthy If a player’s sound is better. And reduces behaviors like biting homeware down.

     6. Cleaning equipment – Clean shampoo, liquid drops, ear cleaning, nail clippers, towels, brushes, gloves flea bath.