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Golden Retriever

     Look from the coat color is gold everywhere. Accompanying with the face wide and active. All the characteristics of this breed. See the attitude courteous and friendly. This breed is popular all over the world. Shape the magnificent golden retriever is not specious. Its ability that is equivalent to other dog breeds used to collect birds, or the  big Spaniel dogs.

     During the winter of Canada, which are very cold. It also go keep Teal comfortably. Golden Retriever is a big dog with a high flexibility. A dog with discretion. That can be trained to use it. Because a dog with not too big or too small size. He is a dog that is excellent in both senses of hearing, smell, sound track also visually a sharp and precise. Hence the military and police in many countries. have brought this dog trained to help government agencies such as searching drugs, smell spell a criminal and security. And that seems to be the most popular it will be trained to be a guide dog for the blind, including both because of the Golden Retriever is a smart dog but not cunning or naughty dog like some varieties.

     Golden retriever appears in a manner that is currently in the city of England, in a decade 1860 is a dog breed from a dog in a group. Spaniel which a dog with a specialized water specially. Which is smaller than the dog breeds Newfoundland but structural characteristics are similar. Assume that may cross from dog breed Irish Setter and the dog in the Water Spaniel may have the blood of the dog Hound is mixed.

     Later, at the end of the century 19 Golden Retriever or some call Yellow Retriever is known and popular culture widely in England. Until the year AD 1908. It provides the contest this breed for the first time at Crystal Palace. And not long after, it has established the club this breed up especially.

     In the era of early Golden Retriever is a specific color of gold. Out of the yellow or brown, which there are many shades, but once in the back, what the new breed which has dark brown hair, or burnt sugar. Which color is the popular color enough both in Europe and America. Because the color is exotic.

General appearance.
     The structure proportion and stronger power. A dog with enthusiasm all the time, quite calm, quiet, without any reason. There are no small or medium size too big to look cluttered. A dog with a habit is quite friendly with everyone. So it can get around without trouble. There is wisdom. Understand. A dog with the active and patient. Style in the roasting step or movement is with supple.

The character of varieties.
     The Golden Retriever is a smart dog cute, cheerful and full of vitality and personality that looks and kind. Despite the instinct to periods. Which is the important agronomic characters The enthusiasm and the ability to adapt to various things. He is a species that is used in a variety of activities. And was used widely, such as used in sport hunting is a guide dog for the blind As a pet for the treatment of race to obey, and to the contest.

The breed standard.
– enthusiastic all the time. Rather inconspicuous. Don’t scream without a reason. Is medium in size, not small or big.

Skull head – large and wide arched beautiful. No jagged deep groove or bulging. The welds between the nose and mouth and forehead. There is little slope but not broken. Or connected to a straight line the same. Face deep and wide size as well as head, bridge of the nose, mouth, straight when viewed from the side the nose and mouth gradually enlarged to the size of the skull. The skin wrinkles on the forehead. Bow to have but a look of a beautiful face. The skin on the face should be smooth and tight.

Teeth – to splice a close like scissors. The anterior row on the mesh overlap outside. The appearance of the teeth for dog golden retriever Is very important. Because the dog is responsible for collecting or periods the victim. So the power to bite is important. If the dog has upper and lower incisors series experience always fit the same elevator door is used, but a dream. Unless the anterior set bottom mesh overlap are outside. Or the upper and lower teeth, the name is a splice defect list. If teeth, plaque, tooth decay, or tooth island looks indented. A fatal flaw.

Nose – must be black or brown. The will or soft depending on the hair. But if the nose is the pink is the fatal flaw.

Ear – ear should be short enough ear looks hanging down attached to the cheek. Shape is similar to a triangle. Rounded time to pull the ear to the front, the length of the ear should cover the eyes to get fit. But if the base is located in the position of the ear is too low. Or ears look like dogs in the hound or dachshund is a defect.

Neck – should be long, moderate neck should be set up on the shoulder, then stable muscle, see clear. Hair around the neck no decoration. Neck need no wattle filed emerges.

Body – body structure compact tighter for chest deep and wide arched ribs should be strong. The back plate looks thick under the belly. Trunk muscular. Are deep and thick look tough. The back plate smooth straight. The cant of the shoulder to the buttocks a little whether the time stand still, or while moving the golden retriever. With small breasts is narrow. The back bent or sloping Tae too much or too subtle body bottom rise time line after the swing movement. It lack strength. All considered flaws.

Paw – are medium in size, compact globular claw toes and foot is not spread out like a. Around the hair under the foot should be cut off to help hold steady. Ting “should get rid of out. But usually will not appear “ting see golden retriever with paws and claws like a foot or acute paw of the rabbit is a defect.

Tail – should be located in the highest position from the back line. The tail is large, especially the tail cone should muscles. Normal tail will look hanging down low arched with the hip in the dog is happy to find will wave back and forth. Sometimes bend roll up high above the level of the back.

Torso – muscular. Have the right size with posterior torso while walking or running. Gait is free. The bone is relatively large and straight. The ankle bone short and strong. A tilt slightly.

The torso back – thick and strong, full of muscle buttocks look cant slightly. The upper leg bone leading to the rear. The lower leg straight do right angle to the ground. The lower leg is more shorter the better.

Hair – hairy tight, can protect the water as well as. hair have 2 layer. The outer coat is long and looks quite strong, but not with a rough line hair flexibility. If the hair is small and tight line type or a defect. The hair of the right would attach the torso. The hairs are straight or curly hair a little not a defect. Around the hair the back of the leg and abdomen are relatively soft than m, especially eyelash body below the neck feathers on the back of the thigh. Hair and under the tail will look ultra soft and around the hair head and hair at the front feet and legs are short and smooth golden. The retriever The hair is too long, furry shaggy, not attached to the torso or sparsely hairy sparse tight size of small hairs. All this is a bug. Trim the hair will cut the paw.

Color – color to brown out of gold. And a dark light, no problem. Lash ed face and torso, perhaps this may be gray or white, but if it’s a white dot or have white hair. Sam is a defect, except the golden. Retriever has golden hair light, which have lessened. And white appearance and blend is the bow. If the area of hair were fading too dark or too much is considered a flaw. Golden retriever, some species while still a puppy, there may be fading. But when growing up. Come up naturally, for golden color. Retriever with a light but that said defect is serious.

The movement – the pace is freely and see the gentle but powerful and elegant, while running, the step of the front legs and rear must converge the center body. When walking or running. must not swing or brush, In the Contest The movement of the Golden Retriever is very important.

Size – male, should have a height between 23 – 24 inches. Height measured at the shoulder to the front legs, the female should have a height in the period between 21 – 22 inches. If the height less than or more than a standard maximum 1 inches is the bow. But if high or too short 1 inches from established standards. Is a very serious defects for the length of the body, measured from the chest to the buttocks. There should be more than a little height length proportion Is the ratio 12 : 11 the weight of male dogs. Should be in the range of 65 – 75 pounds for female 55 – 56 pounds.

Emotions – should be friendly with everyone. There is no habit of paranoid and believable trust. No aggressive habits, fierce, but not dastardly.

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