full life of warm relationship with the dogs.

Dog Care

Health Care and Exercise of the Dog.

Health care

1. Food and feeding methods, including the volume of each day, and each age.

2. Exercise the dog is strong and growing to good health according to the breed standard.

3. Vaccination prevent disease correctly and completely. So the immunity level that can prevent disease.

4. Management, prevent disease. The parasites both flat and round, and protecting heart worm and external parasites such as ticks and fleas.

5. Other management such as the bath to take care of the hair of the dog.


     All the dogs will want to exercise on a daily basis. It will make a strong dog In order to have a healthy and growing well and it is required by the breed standard. The amount of exercise will depend on the size and breed of the dog. If a young dog He exercises naturally enough. But I have grown up, you have to take him out to walk and run on a regular basis, but should be fully vaccinated before taking out. To take the dog out for a walk outside, it will not only make you healthier only. But also an opportunity for him to discover. And new experiences Exciting As well as to meet other dogs with them to help them make an adjustment. It also helps prevent behavior problems as well. Exercise everything will be under supervision from you. Do not let your puppy out of the house and go out to face the world alone decisively without you.

What you should know before taking the dog to the exercise.

1. Assess the health of the dog first.
     Note that your dog has weight exceeds the standard, too? Which might take the dog for a walk and noticed the walking of dogs that abnormal or not.

2. No need to hurry.
     You do not need to rush your dog to exercise if your dog is still too young. Because bones and joints of the puppy are also growth and not fully. Make a chance to get hurt easily. So we should wait for your dog to mature. If you are a small breed dogs will take time to mature about 9 months. While large breed may take up to 16 months.

3. Do not take exercise too much.
     The exercise of the dog and human there are similarities is about 3 once a week at a time 15-20 minutes at first, and then gradually increase the time up 5 minutes in the next week. And if the dog drowsiness hard when it’s time to exercise. Should let the dog rest about 1-2 days then take him to the exercise again.

4. Dogs should get rest.
     You should take a break of about 5 minutes after the exercise, in which you can look for signs. That indicates that your dog is tired. Notice from various symptoms such as wheezing heavy ear falls. The hind legs drag, etc.