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Dog Care

How to Bathe, Brush Hairs, Trim Nails The Dog.

     Dog bath can get rid of external parasites of some kind. Improves skin condition dry or too oily. We should gradually water dogs adapt to water temperatures. If you’re not careful, he might get sick. Because the temperature of the dogs is higher than the human. It should be bathed him in the daytime. While the water and air is not very cold. After the bath towel finish to dog to dry. If a dog fur may use a hair dryer to help the dog not cold. If cleaned his feathers as well, may not have to wash often. Should use shampoo shower when the hair be so nasty, though, smell, or punch. Don’t bathe him more than a week 1-2 times. Because if a bath too often may make the dog’s skin dry and itchy. The skin diseases. And while the bath water dog ears should be.

     Selection of shampoo, bath, which is suitable for the skin of the dog is very important. Should choose made from ingredients non-irritating to the skin and eyes of the dog. Shampoo for puppies should tender like baby shampoo. Because the puppy is very sensitive skin. The dog with the odor should use shampoo that eliminate the odor. To help him is more fresh and clean smell. If the dog has short hair, use a shampoo that does not irritate the skin and eyes, but if a dog long hair use a shampoo cream massage to help his feathers and shiny hair.  The dog likes to play in the water but not to take a bath. We should practice the bath he ever since I was small, to achieve the habit. When the dog to grow a shower is not difficult. But it should not bathe frequently. Just 1 times per 2 week.

How to bathe a dog.

     Use earplugs or cotton to prevent water into the ear and catch the dog stand in the bathtub. Hand dog collar and water use (if a warm is good) slowly pour down on the dogs all over, so the dog adjust the temperature. Use the shampoo for dogs should use the correct type is both for short hair long hair bleached all over both, except for the head. Use the shampoo that does not irritate the eyes only purification header catch dogs firmly to prevent dog water treatment or jump out of the bathtub. Rub shampoo hair back until frothy. Be careful not to fall into the eye dog shampoo. If a shampoo acaricide punch to cleanse and leave according to the length of said label with clear shampoo at the head. Rub down first, then wash shampoo the torso. This will help prevent the dog and water spread.

     Use water to wash shampoo out again. May be used to adjust the massage cream massage hair and wash out. Squeeze out the most innovative owed by fur used towel towel to dry the big dog, then your cotton, earplugs out and wipe in the ear canal to dry. If a shower in the morning. Or the evening may use a hair dryer hair blown dry. The moderate temperature and the hair brush, in the exit of for the dog with itching. Should refrain from using the hair dryer, because the heat will make the cars more and more. After the dog bath often running around the beaches. Be careful not to roll over on the ground dirty dog With to mix with the things on the floor.

How to brush hair.

     The dog fur should brush often to get rid of hair is dead. That won’t come off in order to prevent the accumulation of, help hair do not fall to the ground. The dog hair is shiny because the comb or convert fur. Encourage oil glands under the pores to produce oil makes hair shiny beauty.

How to cut the nail.

     We should cut nails puppy if that is too long. If left too long, will make the finger bend or fingers separated. Do not beautiful. And if the nail off or torn broken, will make the dog as a wound, which will make the dog hurt. So should keep nails long part out. We can cut the nail of a dog with that dog nail clipper, the nails can help keep the dog injuries.