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Dog Care

How to Feeding the Puppy.

     Should feed a puppy as same before for 1 week. By asking the seller that he used to eat what? How many times a day? How much? We gradually changed his meal.

     Puppy food should contain nutrients. And sufficient for the needs of growth. To stay healthy and complete development. And not only the amount of food that is important. But the correct proportion is important.

     Do not feed the raw food was not clean or spoiled food to a puppy. Complete dog food for puppies it is better because it is convenient. The puppy needs large amounts of nutrients, compared with his little In order to meet the needs of the body enough and growing rapidly.

     Do not feed in time increments much. Because the stomach, he is a child. Should feed a little dinner several times per day, about 4 meals per day.

     Should eat on time, if not eat all to leave. The amount of food that suits your puppy that will depend on the size, age, breed, and the parts of him. The health of the puppy will define it best that you feed him the right amountToo much or too little?

     After he does not eat milk from the mother dog. Milk is not a staple food and necessary anymore. Puppy and dog that many. One cannot digest the sugar lactose in milk. So they are not pregnant when you give him to eat milk. But if eat continuously, most will be like a week 1-2 times. If one day runs over 2 must stop should have milk after food. Should not eat on an empty stomach.

     Be careful. The bone as a source of calcium and phosphorus. And also gives a puppy to chew play. But if some bone fragments, and puppy swallowed it. The bone will pierce the mouth or stomach and dangerous. Therefore, you should choose a broken no sharp, such as hip joints, pig, should avoid bones duck, chicken bones, or to a puppy. Bone Gnawers fake instead. You should arrange the food bowl and cup‘s dog.