full life of warm relationship with the dogs.

Dog Care

How to Raising New Puppy.

     After the puppy came out approximately 2 days to observe the care of the mother dog. The mother dog will lick mammal. And clean everything Puppies should mattress dry.

     If the dog can not eat milk from his mother was not in any case. We must help the puppy eat milk. To prepare a bottle teats and milk-based infant formula to be ready in one day should be feeding the puppy is 4 times to eat a 3-5 tsp.

     The feed or food should not be fed to the dog in a puppy tip over. Entering the methods Spoon hands on belly, with the dog on the palms facing down. Then slowly entered By feeding the puppy will tip off the trachea. Food or milk may be aspirated into the trachea.

Newborn puppies.
     A Newborn puppy that can not be seen, heard and could not walk. However, sensory The smell is growing up perfectly. He will have the instinct to turn toward the nipple of the mother dog to breast milk in the first 3 weeks of my dogs have nutrients. In accordance with the puppies in this age need.

Week 3.
     Various sensory He will start using it. He begins to see and hear. And began to communicate with their own sisters enough to pass through a 21-day, they will begin to walk and not barking. And he begins to learn social behavior. From his first family

Week 4.
     Senses of puppies grow fully. So that I can observe things around him. And carefully explore Puppies are exploring and sniffing them to lose everything. During this, puppy will have the ability to learn. Superbly So this is the moment you have to take the puppy to help him grow up as well as animals, however, that he could play and build relationships with siblings the same time it is important.

After 4 weeks.
    The dog can begin to eat solid food has probably already feeding Puppy When he was about 8-12 weeks old puppy is in the range of social learning. We can begin to enter human society.

     The best time to separate him from his mother when he was 10 weeks old.