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Dog Training

How to Train a Dog Defecate.

Train a dog defecates in the house.

     The age of the most suitable to puppy training to excrete the safety that should start at the age of 7 to 8 weeks. After 15-30 minutes the dog eat food and drink water or after waking up often time the puppy to defecation and urine. A new little puppy will take several times a day, should notice. If you see a puppy bow to the smell of the ground and run around that show puppies want to urinate or defecate. You have to get a puppy to a place that provided the puppy taken immediately. To catch the puppy down on the newspaper or paper adsorption and easy to find, the change should be left the old newsprint sheets. So the puppy to recognize the smell and back the original tissues. When the puppy defecates on paper the owner should show appreciation to the dog with words or hand and said “Very good” if the dog to take in other areas, there is no need to scold or punish is not to fear puppy owners. Catch dogs to sniff the determined on the floor. It seems that may be used with older dogs to work. Should clean up immediately if the dog is not taken at the paper. Using antibiotics and get rid of the smell. Do not use the product with ammonia as an ingredient. It could be thought as a puppy smell and will be taken in the same spot again.

     We need to train a dog to eat at the same time every day, and should eat only 20 minutes. And managed to keep the food bowl immediately. To train a dog to eat on time and as a practice tissues.

Train a dog defecates outside.

     The puppy is growing to learn to excrete out as time. The owner will have to keep notice. A dog showing symptoms to defecate, and make use of the harness. Open the door to the dog away to take and wait when taken then drew back. The next time will be easier because he became familiar with the old and smell. Next, just open the door the dog defecate it should train the habit. Try to give the dog defecate in far away from the house (if possible). The dog often urinate.