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Jack Russell Terrier

     Jack Russell Terrier have breeding new strains at the beginning of the year 1800 in England by religious teacher Jack Russell. The breed of dog which later was called Jack Russell Terrier (JRT). According to thy name religious teacher. In addition to Jack Russell Terrier is named by professor called now. There are some times, people often call it is PARSON JACK RUSSELL.

     In general, the dog breeds Jack Russell Terrier are used in hunting and tracking the victim after a rest by the dog in the HOUND. Following earlier.

     Species of Jack Russell Terrier in America and England, the size of the dog is 10-12 inch. But in Australia, Jack Russell Terrier is divided into 2 strains.

Jack Russell is the size 10 – 12 inches.
Parson Jack Russell is the size 12 – 14 inches.

Jack Russell Terrier are 3 Type.
– Short hair.
– Broken Hair.
– Long hair

     Broken Hair and Long hair are quite rude when compared with short hair, short hair can’t be soft and fluffy too. Because these hairs protects dogs when out hunting.

The character of varieties.
Jack Russell Terrier is a small, excellent and they will chase set but the fox to rodents. They will take in the survey area before the chase.

     Jack Russell is a dog with intelligence. Which obviously from that he obey the orders of the impressive. Especially when located in the competition.

The standard of breed .
Hair – hair should have white since 50 percent or more in the body and Markings is brown or black Which is called Tri Coloured Marking of this breed. Most are found on the face, round ears, eyes, ears, at the bottom of the tail, and a little on the torso.

     General characteristics in the selection of Jack Russell Terrier is should have big skull ears is the similar V fall toward the front nose and lips are black. Your eyes should be a dark brown almond shaped with eyes playful and curious.