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     The Maltese originated in the country Malta (the Mediterranean) for nearly 2800 years. A writer or painter in ancient times is often write stories or images of this breed regularly. The popular party and people in those days. And also popular to the ancient Egyptian king and Queen Victoria.

     Maltese is the dog with white fur, clean, healthy, like a big dog group Spaniel in A.D. 1607 trading varieties, Maltese, one high 2000 dollars.

The character of varieties.
Maltese not pet dog to use, though actually he’s watching the house well. And it can be trained to obey orders well. Maltese is a dog that is in love with you. Make you happy every time welcome you at the door. A clever dog and to appease.

The breed standard.
Character – a good friend of human, gentle, brave without fear.
Head – is of medium length, rounded Skull
Ear – stay low, ear falls around the ears, thick fur and long.
Eye – Black rounded black eye looks always alert
The bridge of the nose – a break in moderation.
Mouth – medium in length, the size of the mouth to nose tapered slightly.
Nose – black.
Teeth – White and strong
Torso – quite short. The length of the body is similar in size to the height of the body, the back straight and parallel to the floor.
Neck has a proper length
The front legs – big bones fit legs pulmonary cryptococcosis straight front legs are long fur foot is relatively small, round. Cut the hair around the foot to prevent reckless.
Waist – strong waist deflated slightly.
The hind leg – big bones fit. Ankle strength angle is small, modest, foot foot round cut the foot.
Tail – quite long, furry tail tail hung on the back.
Fur – fur / color single fur furry long stretches of straight hair is not set, the long head may bind a blockage or drop down. There is a white body.
Size – a dog with a small.
Weight – about 4 – 6 pounds.
Walking / running – an elegant, while running back leg is straight, not twisted.
Defects  – hair curly toes twist.