Miniature Pinscher

     Miniature Pinscher Originated in Germany. Hundreds of years ago looks like dog breeds Dobermans but smaller, sometimes also called a “Dwarf Doberman” or prefer to call it short That “Minipin”.

    A dog is small, elegant manner walk like a horse walking Minipin although there are small, but the habit of courage And agility is used as a guard dog. in USA Originally the name of this breed is “Pinscher” until the year 1972 changed officially to “Miniature Pinscher”.

The character of varieties.

     A small dog that arrogant and boldness as well as the other terriers varieties, are not a dog. “Toy Group”. He is loyal and intelligent Without fear, alert at all times, suitable for the guard dog very much.

The breed standard.

Habits – Intelligent alert, always cheerful. Brave, loyal owners love of barking.

Head – size relative to the size of the body, flat skull skull between small ears to the cone mouth.

Ear – ear base is high. The ears may be cut and splice to set up or cut the ears.

Eye – quite big a spheroid black eyes black eye, except for the chocolate color eye is chocolate with.

The bridge of the nose – angle has broken a little.

Mouth – looks very strong. Size relative to the header. The lips and cheeks are small.

Nose – black, except for the dog with color chocolate nose has a chocolate brown.

Tooth – mesh-like scissors.

Torso – quite short. The Male height of body size is equal to the length of the body. The female is longer than a little. Topline straight might be in a horizontal or inclined to the buttocks.

Neck – size relative to the size of the head and torso. The neck with rounded consists of muscle, leather neck manipulation Sanga, stand-up collar.

Body – shoulder slope. Shoulder angle suitably. To make the walk to resemble horses walking.

Chest – deep to the elbow.

The front legs – bones are medium in size, strong, looking from the front, white face both 2 straight, perpendicular to the ground, legs in front of the 2 apart suitably. Ankle strong face perpendicular to the ground, foot small feline foot round face, nail thickness.

Waist – short, strong.

Hip – height equivalent to the back line.

The hind leg – top consists of a muscle. The ankle strength angle in moderation. After a short ankle angle perpendicular to the ground. When viewed from behind, the rear legs straight, parallel apart enough right foot after look like on your front foot.

Tail – the base of the tail was high, cut the tails.

Hair – short hair color solid red hair black, black, red, chocolate body

Size – the dog is small.

Height – about 10 – 12.5 inches.

Walking and Running – looks like the horse walk, lift foot high while walking the neck manipulation, tail set.

Flaw – wrong color, short or higher standards.