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Observation of standard dogs from the outside.

     The external standard is very important as you need to know. Since the appearance of the dog will define the integrity of the organs in each section that the accuracy based on the standard of dog breeds general?

Head for approval by the eyes and hands groping for the head has large round rate the head does not collapse or swelling side.

Nose must be smooth but not as wet as water. catch nose will be cool, not having snot. If snot is that puppy might be sick.

Eyes must be the same size and can blink faster. It will demonstrate the enthusiasm in perception. Don’t pick the dog with the muck. Because it may be that the dog is sick.

Ear hanging falling or point set. Depending on the dog breeds. No symptoms are wound at the ear. The listening test of the ear by applause or shaking the key. If there is a turn-based applause or shaking the key is considered normal.

Mouth and Teeth no wound or break the 2 unequal halves. The gills of a dog should have a bright pink. If the gums are pale shows what anaemic. The arrangement of the teeth will be fine.

Toe and Skin must be flexible, not a wound or pustules. According to the torso or under the belly.

Hair short, straight, thick, coarse hair within the external rough but soft.

Body fitting out deep, not fat not thin, Observe from the stomach must not flattening or swell, if too swell. It may be caused by the dog, a parasite in the intestines. If a spill may show navel dog disease acute scrolling.

The anal area no signs of swelling, inflammation or scrap stool stuck. It may show that was a puppy has diarrhea.

Genitalia. For the male to have check to make sure a testis all 2 side that puppy a testis above one is serious fault. For females to look at the penis that is normal.

     Individuality of dogs to buying a puppy should buy one’s enthusiasm. Your eyes show curiosity. Do not buy the dogs when we call or stop near it will try to escape, this should not be selected. Because a dog is quite difficult in practice. Should choose when we call and display various reactions. Attention or walk in that a good disposition, easy to practice.