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     The dog breeds Pekingese was seen in the current It is similar to a small dog of China ancient times. Go back in time, there is evidence that Chinese small dog since 1500 years ago. In A.D. 565 emperor China given name his dog “Chi Shu” or “Red Tiger” when the Emperor ride “Red Tiger” will ride on the basket bound in front of the saddle. these dogs were very wise can lead a horse at night.

     Small dog of China tradition culture is very popular during the year. 1820 to 1850 during that time there are dogs many varieties in China. The eunuch’s duty specialized in the production of dog that we called “Pekingese”. She Cixi is The sponsors of this event.

     According to this evidence, we know there are dog breeds Pekingese occurred, and found the dog breeds in the palace, in the past who stole the dog Will be put to death.

     Beijing Palace was a foreigner to invade it, when the year 1860 Pekingese was the military take over. One of dog given to Queen Victoria and 3 dogs given to Lord Hay and spread all over the world.

 The character of varieties.
     Pekingese Without fear of all of the things that make him mad. Not even the size of the other dogs, or even a stranger. Loyalty is what suggests characteristics of this breed is best. They will prevent everything they thought belongs to them.

The breed standard.
– is large, strong, wide and flat between ears are no curved convex spaces dome is the distance between the eyes and 2 side is wider.

Nose – black wide short and flat.

Eyes – dark circles, embossed dominant vibrant.

The interface between the bridge of the nose to the forehead will be very deep.

Ear – the heart is not too high, long enough, long enough. The ear level lower than the mouth of a hanging right cheek. Covered with long hair.

Mouth – very short, broad, wrinkles, no file pointed strong teeth not submit to see her lip.

The shape of the body – the body the kind-hearted, strong, broad chest rib arch wide gradually tapered down the back, shaped like a lion, smooth back parallel to the floor. Body short, except the female may be longer than the slightly.

Leg – short leg bones curved shoulder portion face strong hind legs have some small bones more than a small but strong and proportion.

Foot – flat foot toe out, no oblique, rounded to stand firm on your feet, not stand on the ankle.

Style – is not afraid of anyone, independent, strong, gait characteristics will be rocking left and right so softly.

Hair – Hair is dense undercoat hair is relatively straight, smooth, not curly waves quite rough but soft wool the hips, legs, tail. And ears must be long and fluffy.

Around the fur mane – long and fluffy covered around the neck.

Color – can have all colors, red, brown, black, black colors , Black and tan.

Tail – located in a high position. Put across to go on after the tail end so one side have hair long straight tight and very fluffy.

Size – because Pekingese is a dog toy popular with small by will need to look at the correct weight must not exceed 14 pounds.

Flawwill be deduct points in the contest, tongue submitted to see outside the mouth, eyes and mouth. Over Shot (Wry Mouth) inflammatory pain and disqualification in the contest. The nose pink or brown (Dudley Nose) went over the 14 pounds.