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     Poodle not evidence that have origins in any country. Some information is said to have originated in Germany by the known as the poodle. But some said the poodle is the national dog of France. By the French often use this breed of dog to shown in the circus. And like to trim the form of hair the dog. That the pinch and tight in fashionis favor of French women for a long time. This breed is descended from a species of “Water Retreiver” which has the ability to swim.

Poodle has 3 sizes
– Toy Poodle.
– Miniature Poodle.
– Standard Poodle.

     The size of Standard Poodle born before the others poodle size. Subsequently it has a smaller selection of many varieties. Mix until to be a Miniature and Toy Poodle. All the 3 size set up a standard in the contest over the world currently.

The character of varieties.

     Whether it is a species? Everyone will know the wisdom of poodle as well. They look lively and full of friendship and as a guard is excellent.

The breed standard.

Habits – Intelligent cheerful is flatter, jealous, teach easy, love clean, So popular breed for a long time all over the world.

Ear – hanging close to the head, ear will be in the lower levels, little eyes, ears are long fur ear is relatively wide and thick.

Head – Skull head looks quite round cheeks rather flat. If you look from the top of the head to nose will look like from a teardrop.

Eye – shaped round quite similar almond, dark eyeliner, dark eyes are always alert, cheerful glitter.

Bridge of Nose – a broken or sloping down reasonably

Mouth – the length of the mouth is similar in size to the length of the skull, and the mouth. A strong, lips, thus not hanging flaccid or mouth below too thick.

Teeth – white, strong splice a scissors.

Torso – looking from the side is like a square. The height of the body is same in size to the length of the body, the back straight, strong.

Neck – is relatively long, poodle look elegant. While the heads up leather neck neck consists of muscle.

Chest – deep wide in moderation.

Waist – short consists of muscle.

Front legs – looking from the front, the legs straight, looking from side are in line with the shoulders. The front legs are the bones and muscles relative to the size of the dog.

Hind legs – Viewed from behind. The hind legs straight, parallel to each other. The hind leg muscle, upper ankle short perpendicular to the ground. The back foot look like on front foot.

Tail – the base of the tail was high. While walking upright and lean back. tail cut 1 in 3 portion of the length of the tail.

Hair – has 2 layer upper soft outer coat long outer coat is 2 type is the type species pinch and spiral wave. Popular poodle grooming to have various shapes. It has a wide variety of fashion in each place. But there are certain regulations in the contest as follows age less than 12 months cut style “Puppy Clip” after the age of 12 months must cut hair “English” or “Continental Clip”.

Color – hair color throughout the body hair may have faded. White poodle may be cream soft ears. But not a contrasting color to brown. Brown chocolate poodle often has a nose, eye, nails, lips, dark brown. poodle black, gray, black-gray and white or cream, nose, nails, lips, eye color is black.

Size – poodle is 3 size and arranged in groups as follows.

Standard Poodle : size height not less than 15 inches.

– Miniature Poodle : height 11 to 15 inches.

     This 2 size of which is smaller than “Toy Group” But “Tea-Cup” is smaller “Toy Poodle” is the only size did not contest the height from the 8 inches down. the standard of the breed poodle poodle wrong generally.

Walking – an elegant, while walking or running. The front legs don’t swing or raised as high as varieties Miniature Pinscher, while walking rocking back and forth. The legs strong step with confidence.

Walking – with elegance. While walking or running, the front legs not swing or lift look like a Miniature Pinscher breed,head erect.

Flaw – color in the same as under or over shot twisted legs walking cross walk high kick, show fierce while the contest. And the Oversize in that group.