full life of warm relationship with the dogs.

Dog Care

Preliminary Examination Dog Health.

     In addition to the annual health check up of the dog. Dog owners must constantly watch and noticed symptoms of the dog. Because if we find something wrong since the first stage, it will be easy to fix. Dog owners can check the health of the basic dog by yourself. So that our dogs are healthy always.

Check Outside.
By exploring the torso with eyes. Then a hand rubbed and grope parts. If not found in disorders such as cystic tumor. It shows that the dog is fine. If you feel any pain was a dog show. Or find any part of unusual for first aid, if not better, must to meet veterinarian immediately.

Check the Eyes.
Cornea must be white ceiling. No injuries, the conjunctiva is normal.

Check the Ears.
That abscess or pus. The key to ear no bad smell, no water, no ticks.

Check the Mouth and Nose.
Open the view that in oral wounds or gingivitis or teeth are limestone Island much see nose that has a runny nose out or not. The sound of breathing is normal, how much, and breath smells? If the wrong even if any part to the vet immediately.

Observe feces and urine.
Feces to liquid, no mucus and blood in the urine color is light yellow to dark yellow, no blood in it.