full life of warm relationship with the dogs.

Dog Care

Puppy care, Age from birth to 7 first day.

     Puppy care, age from birth to 7 first day. In the 7 first day. If the puppy out few and complete rate all owners probably don’t care what difficult. Because it is a function of the mother dog waiting for you to eat milk. But if you dog out of a large, small, strong equal owners to provide care is important puppies, not strong. Smaller, will sound to lose if the mother dog child’s owner will be at ease. But if the mother dog raising a child. The owner must have to take care of the puppy to catch the mother’s milk. And the careful not to sleep over.

     The body of the dog born will vary from dog, we must see that the puppy is normal or not in any 36 the first hour after birth. The puppy body to adapt most, whether it’s respiratory system, circulatory system, liver, kidney, beginning the life cycle to make it after relying on you while in the stomach for a long time. A fine or not to keep the continuity of care to ensure that puppy safe. Basic that have dog gradually. Come out of the body of the dog, to cut the umbilical cord. Then the puppy to remove debris bled dry clean. Then start the first that the dog has a normal physical condition? Start from the check from the outside that the organs of dogs were fully and looks completely? Such as the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, legs, feet, tail, the genitals and anus. Fully and completely? And don’t forget to open the mouth to observe the palate of the dog. Because of some symptoms of cleft palate.

     In addition to care about the body a puppy. It is important that we must understand the behavior, such as a newborn can’t walk, ears don’t hear, eye invisible perception relies on the sense of the skin. Recognition of heat, cold, cold and warmth. The instinct to push it to roll into tucked into the warm, such as the breast of the mother dog. Because at that time the breast dog have higher temperature and abdominal area that part can kg earth warm to you.

     Then it starts to suck the breast of the mother dog. If you notice, it was found that having a dog can comfortably hold still. Don’t move your mother dog. In contrast, the mother dog not and or more periods away. It’s your job to bring the puppy that take care of myself. Look at that dog has a problem or not, such as body temperature down, cool or not. Breathe softly and slower than normal or not. If symptoms have to take her to the vet for help urgently.

     Should know puppies from birth to age 6 days, respiration rate and low average 12 times per minute when age has 7-35 days, increased respiration rate in 20-30 times per minute. And when the day is over 35 15-30 times per minute. The temperature of the body, the dog was born until the age of 14 days in 94-99 degrees Fahrenheit. At the age of 15-28 days. The body temperature of the puppy will rise in 97-100 degrees Fahrenheit, and at the age of 35 day temperature 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. So the first week of life of a puppy that cannot keep the body heat.

     The dog will cool very easily if no mother dog for warmth. Some puppies with abnormality in their diet. The body will cool down too. Due to the lack of metabolic energy heat out as usual. The temperature drop down a very dangerous. The dog died from complications occurred.

     If the puppy is born mother dog treat with your child to eat milk, in this case, no problem. We take away, only to weigh a puppy in the early days, too. Because the weight is telling us that there is a growing body of increased or not. When weighing and notes and should be marked with will not be confused which one is which.

     Normally when time passes 7-8 the weight of the puppy will increase one times of low birth weight newborn. If no increase or decrease this shocking. Because the dog has a growth rate abnormal. Now, to analyse the cause. The problem of a newborn. There are different according to circumstances of dog dog cases caused by such as don’t dribble or with milk to eat. Unusual or behavior such as mind his own son, eat your own. If that is the case, said we must follow closely, especially during the first days. If from mother dogs don’t dribble. Not kg milk. We need to do not raise a puppy instead, milk is very important. We need to find a bottle and nipple compact with the mouth of the puppy. Baby can suck the conveniently. After eating milk full take cotton plating warm water wipe gently the genitals and anus. To stimulate the digestive system when the prostate ate well, normal tissues to sleep.

     Son of a bitch own cases caused by disorders such as born shape wrong, incomplete, and organ weight lighter than normal. No milk or low temperature cold one. These wrong as well. Should take the puppy to the doctor help immediately. The case caused by environmental damage to the puppy, like the surrounding air and cold rain or range, and high humidity. The cold air will affect the puppy directly. Because they cool surroundings because a puppy also cannot be cured. Body temperature down.

     Therefore, the preparation of place out dog is important place right is a warm wind does not leach and without interference with peace. Cleanliness is important one because a newborn is usually the amniotic fluid, blood stain on meat. If we don’t wipe clean. To make a problem of sickness, such as dermatitis is a pustule or dog may have mastitis. If so then affecting the puppy because cause diarrhea and may die easily. Said overall kennel dog must be clean, dry, and no dog poop. Lining material foundation must often change or clean always precaution.

     If the puppy is born the dirty and gross. The owners tried to wipe them with the towel and not come out. We can use the hot water to wash out the carpet with the towel off the dirt. Because of the warm water will not cause the problems of sick of a fever. Or the heat loss from the body. The catch dog wash clean. Because if the mother dog body dirty will is an important disease to bring our lovely doggy

     Food for the newborn to 7 days the milk from the mother dog. This is the most valuable, especially 2-3 first dog to have saffron milk. Should try to get a dog eat dog yellow. Mother dog with milk Enough for the dogs. Notice that all the puppies are healthy obese. But if the dog does not have enough milk. Owners must provide the puppy milk.

The rate of puppy milk much less with the body weight.

Age 2 days feeding 15 CC or half ounces per times every 3 hours.

Age 3 – 4 days feeding 20 cc or 2 in 3 ounces every 3 – 4 hours.

Age 5 – 7 days feeding 30 CC or 1 ounce for every 4 hours.

Gradually increase the number of milk feed puppy that eat each day.

     This stage is harmful to the puppy, is toxic milk. If found the mother dog milk poisoning. When the puppy eat down and in time, make the puppy to death. The owner must be carefully. Observe the breast of the dog, if breast look solid or milk is yellow, the mother dog go see a doctor treat will be modified since the early stages. Will help to lose puppy occurs less.

The mattress.
     The mattress of the mother dog and baby must clean is important. The cloth mother and puppy to provide warm. Should not be allowed to sleep in the dark or smelly too. The area of as mother and puppy, arrange a well-ventilated. Help the mother dog child well.