Puppy care, Age of 15 – 21 days.

     The puppy was from week 2 shall have the strength a lot. And start a reaction. Learn with the environment, such as

     – The puppy can open eyes and will see the world. Once grow’s arms, legs, recently started to move more to start to walk. Stand, walk at the age of 21 days.

     – The puppy is restless feeling hot, cold, full, hungry, will voice was crying when hot air will curl up shivering when very cold. When hungry will give a loud cry.

     – The puppy started crawling to urinate. The stool itself by the mother dog don’t lick the owner to take care of the cleanliness of the mattress and a puppy. If the puppy sleeping on the stool descend. The owners need to rub the puppy with warm water and wipe with a dry cloth to clean again puppy.

     – The puppy need more space in the crawling and walking. The owner must expand the space wider.

     – The puppy want to learn something new from the environment, such as to catch hold rub part.

     – Age 3 week puppy will start to imitate from dish eat. The owner must control all the time because the first puppy may also lick. But the nature will teach the puppy know milk is the food. The first time the puppy will get deeply. Maybe suffocating and harmful to the respiratory system. The owner must teach the lick’s fingers clean water the milk Then the puppy Lien from the fingers, then slowly move your finger down near the plate milk. The puppy is known to lick the milk way finally.

     Food in their 21 days will increase the protein, minerals, food suitable to nourish the puppy to egg yolk cooked but use the egg yolk mixed with milk used a puppy. Heat heat for about 50 degrees. Start boiling heat or notice was sufficient. The amount of food that this mixture to 1 times per day. In the morning or at 1 – 2 times morning or evening, no need to jailbreak. 4 eternal. Because you eat mother’s milk is a staple food.

     For a disease of the puppy at the age of 21 days is a parasitic nematode that particular puppy thin or dead easy. The hookworm is dangerous to threaten the important age after that. Because the occurrence of hookworm relies on hatching period in the body longer than other diseases. Rare in this age range of a puppy.

     How to prevent and solve is the puppy taking deworming of children, by weight of the dog.