full life of warm relationship with the dogs.

Dog Care

Puppy care, Age of 8 – 14 days.

     The puppy in the age 8 days. Count out the dangerous period in one step, but there are many things happen as follows.

     – When the puppy was 7 – 8 days. The puppy has sharp claws and water out fairly. While puppy‘s breast. The puppy will lean and scratching at the mother’s breast, dog. Make breast scratched and wound. The mother dog is hurt, and I don’t want to suckling puppy. The owners have to cut the nail with caution. Because the puppy to flex and nail is a little bit, not cutting into the deep, will bleed and is wound at the end of the nail, nail tip cut just about 1 mm.

     – The puppy can open eyes in this age range, or around the age of 10 – 14 days, will not clear but is obviously more when the age increase.

     – The puppy became stronger and more. A scramble crawl around the sleeping area. If a barrier areas lie low is to increase the height to rise about 1 feet. My dog out convenient when the mother dog wants to sleep outside the sleeping area of puppies is occasionally.

     – Cleanliness is important. Puppy milk more surely taken increased throughout the day. Normal stool. The mother dog to lick it clean. The urine will cause the dirty and pile up, so the sheets must be brought out clean changing every day. Should use the disinfectant non-toxic to the skin. Mixing water wipes the sleeping area daily or every other day. But very dirty or less.

     – Food of puppy during this is mother’s milk. The puppies are eating and sleeping. If the puppy eats milk and the mother dog milk to eat enough. The owner can relax in one level.