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Dog Breed InfoLarge Dogs


     With a wide chest area. And the body without the fat but with muscle, the feelings of strength. It is a dog that gentle, stout, even look big. But the grilling step making fast run impressively. The dog that the indomitable will be familiar with the living outside the home and can withstand all the weather.

     Rottweiler is a prestigious guard dog When being trained to fight and attack. It will do harm to the invaders. Even practice easily. But the boss has discipline to make it the respect and trust. With confidence in the strength. By instinct, it will not hesitate to confront danger to happen. To express their isolation by nature But not with such a boss or people in the family.

     During World War 1 Rottweiler Has been to serve in the army of the German. And currently serves as a dog Escort to factories and enterprises. in Australia it is used in an official of police dog breeding Rottweiler. Animals with remarkably intelligent and alertness Can remember the stories that teach the expression to cool-headed. See the courage and sacrifice For this reason did the Rottweiler is a family pet.

General appearance.
     Rottweiler better is medium in size, sturdy and powerful. Compact structure, tough, indicate the strength. The Male dog is a structure that is bigger than a female dog. The female even smaller than but not weaker than even less.

The character of varieties.
     Rottweiler is especially suitable to treat a friend to take care of safety. And a dog used with confidence. Strong and without fear, but to teach the Rottweiler. Know the position of him in the family. Usually tolerance with children as well. But parents need to make sure that teach children to treat the dog properly. Together every time a dog training

The breed standard.

Head – moderate length, look side forehead slightly curved upper and lower jaw.

Ear – size medium, hanging down, a triangle, while awake. The ears are in the same class as the upper part of the top of the skull.

Nose – wide and is black.

Torso – wide and deep down to the elbows back straight and strong.

Tail – the short cut almost close to the torso.

Front – distance from peak to the elbow. A period of the elbow to the ground. The legs have developed strong consists of big bones and feet strong, spring-loaded and almost perpendicular to the ground.

Hair – the outer coat straight, tight and rough medium long and smooth inner hair on the neck and hip. The fur is thick or thin, depending on the state of the air.

Color – black. By may be marking rust color or mahogany. Marking that may be above each eye cheek area A bar to the side of the mouth.