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Should buy only a young dog ?

Young Dogs

      Nowadays to find a puppy over 3-4 months will be difficult. Due to the puppy to more than 2-3 months The Sellers are afraid to sell out. What is the reason for the purchase and sale of dogs at a young age. Probably Because of the cultured dog need for sale to make money as soon as possible. Because the small dogs are cuter than dogs grow up in order to sell a lovely easier.

It is true that the puppy is lovely it raised more than a big dog.

     May think to keep dogs sold and disadvantages it is. First of all I want to say the disadvantages in the case of small dogs. When the dog is very small still not weaned. The dog in nature are divorced from mother’s milk at the age of 3 half a month or 4 months. Immune to convey through the mother in the low level. The trend continued until the dog when growing up. When a dog has grown to be the development of the immune system, the puppy 2 is Passive Immune.

     The dog will come from nature, but the stick in the bow will need to rely on a certain period in the creation. Will get infected from the outside to build up immunity itself points that should have been among the first when antibodies from the mother dog Active. Immune lower than it should be, and Passive Immune is not fully developed. The body’s immune system until the dog is very low, easy to infection, which is firstly not should buy a dog that was very young.

     The other is the breed standards and physical characteristics is the beauty of the dog. When the dog is still a child, it’s very difficult to say that the dogs are physical development out the air meets breed much. The dog more pure the color would be more expressive and more. Easier to make decisions.

     This may be the reason for the seller. Want to sell all puppies out for a good price At the same time, breeders have lost the opportunity to choose a dog with a good manner to expand breed on as well.

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