Siberian Husky

     The Siberian Husky Dog Breed originated in the Siberian This breed of dog was selected by the natives Chukchi act to hunt and guard. But later was developed with the characteristics of sled dogs.

     Approximately ad 1900 a sled dog race in Alaska, the distance to the 400 miles. The dog wins in the competition is a breed of dog Siberian Husky after sport dog racing drag sliding is more and more popular. This breed of dog is always wins. AKC certify this breed in A.D. 1930.

The character of varieties.
The Siberian Husky should be polite, trust and friendly is a good dog makes them the family pet that suits people of all ages. Is a species and charming to you and everyone naturally. As the dog to be on guard, dedicated and comedies. The dogs like to please their owners. But it should be prepared to cope with the dogs, stubborn, determined and individuality, no one can match. This may be because the nature of a working dog Siberian Husky. Each have characteristic of himself.

The breed standard.
Habits – intelligent, friendly, thoughtful, can work together as the flock.

Head – are medium in size, good with body. The skull is round. The skull between the ears are wide and tapering down to the eyes.

Ear – are medium in size, the triangular ear tip rounded ears, thick fur is tight, ear set

Eye – the ellipsoid is apart; eyes are dark brown.

Bridge of the Nose – a break in moderation.

Mouth – the length of the mouth is similar in size to the length of the skull, mouth width; the mouth straight cone big mouth and tapered down until the end of the nose. The lips are dark

Nose is black, brown, or pink.

Teeth – white athletic mesh like scissors.

Torso – are medium in size, the back straight and parallel to the floor. The length of the body than the height of the body a little.

Neck – Neck medium length and curved, while walking or running neck to stretch forward.

Body – body front shoulder and consists of strong muscles.

Chest – look strong chest deep to the elbow. There is not wide width moderation too.

Front legs – seen from the front side of the front legs 2 straight away to some extent, looking from the side ankle slightly tilted, the straight leg length of the leg from elbow to ground. Is more than from the elbow to the shoulder slightly.

Foot – have a look round toe foot fur is dense.

Hind leg – the hind leg muscle. There is the upper consists of the ankle after a strong, look from the back foot. The hind legs straight, parallel to each other.

Tail – tail is bushy often lifted high curved slightly. The tail is not twisted tilted to the left or right.

Hair and hair color – hair has two layers. The outer coat is hard, close to the skin, hair have variety of colors ranging from black or white plain.

Size – is a medium size.

Weight – male weighs about 45 – 60 pound female weighs about 35 – 50 pounds.

Height – male, approximately 21- 23.5 inch female high 20 – 22 inches, walking, running, an elegant, move faster while running feet not twist. Or wipe.

Flaw – big ears, ears fall tail roll.

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