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Dog Care

Sign that the dog was sick

     Dog owners must take care And observed symptoms of dog always. Because the signs and symptoms of a dog at the dog show may be possible that the dogs are in trouble. May lead to big problems and too hard to fix it if we ignore, Here are signs that the dog was sick.

Eat less.
     The symptoms don’t want food, called a basic signal of diseases that have entirely when try to observe. Found not from external environment make the dog won’t eat food such as hot air, or other more interesting food temptation to a front. These things can not eat dog. This is not about the disease. This case only improve the appropriate environment. But if not eat his. It has nothing to do with what is said. Must assume He must be sick of something. We should see a vet diagnose it again.

Quick Weight Loss.
     Sign this often continuously from eating less. And it is a condition that usually occurs when the dog is sick. But sometimes the sign might this observation difficult. If a furry dog or have already lightweight This is a problem that must be observed closely.

Most of the time in bed / apathy.
     This symptom is a symptom that shows. The dog off interest from the environment around everywhere. Most of the time in bed is a signal which often occur both before and after illness, which depends on the severity of the illness Separately, so paying attention. Don’t neglect should see a veterinarian for check-up is better.

Agile less.
     The dog feel uncomfortable will reduce the vigor. Sometimes it is confused between the illness. With old age. In this case, people will observe and recognize the best. Would be itself and many times found that symptoms due to do not get attention from the owner. Or lack of doing activities together, which is the consequence of the minds of the pet.

Drinking water in larger quantities.
     The dog drinks more water than usual. Is often a sign of some diseases, such as diseases of the kidney and diabetes, so when you notice in this disorder. Don’t sit by and do nothing. Should take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible to treatment.

     Trouble diarrhea is warning signs that sick dogs to observe the aisles. And the problem most often about food and intestines. If the intestine is the urgent problem one case to take her to the vet found It sometimes happens when the disease is allergic or digestion. It is not a problem urgent. But the treatment early. It is necessary to prevent a chronic problem in the future. That can’t be cured.

Shortness of breath.
      Breathing problems, is an important problem to consider. This symptom usually occurs when there are a heart and lung problems, this is a warning signal danger to meet urgent veterinary.

     This signal may see easily. For vomiting and retching. Often occur even dog isn’t sick. So it should be noticed that when the dog vomiting. For a long time or once a week or less, it is not considered a problem. The dog’s health generally strong. But if the dog vomiting frequently, such as once a day, and weight as well. This is considered to be the important problem to see a veterinarian, do not delay.

Cough .
Signs is one important problem to consider. When the dog I have noticed the look of the AI. Which can be a symptom of a serious disease for several diseases, especially heartworm disease, the dog always cough and cough often, like trying to spit it out. This condition should not leave. Must see a veterinarian for treatment as soon as possible.

     All this danger signs That are the basis of many diseases. Dog ever The dog must not be ignored To take care of yourself closely. And understand the similarities of these symptoms can be a symptom of a serious disease. Or was it just a little unwell. So that the next step in treatment is timely. Not too late Then the dog will live longer with us for a long time. And it is a healthy and fit perfectly too, so do not be afraid or disgusted with the dog to the veterinarian.