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Dog Training

The Barking of Dogs and Training.

     We should know and be noticed that our dogs that bark is What does he want to bark for, or he’s trying to say to you. Knowing the difference of dog barking, We will know how to deal with these things correctly and promptly. Because if we neglect or know how to deal with it correctly. May make the dog has a bad habit and difficult to resolve.

1. Bark for attention – this style is mainly found in the puppy to get our attention. But we should do the opposite, is to ignore it. Because if you go into every time he barks. To make the dog becomes a habit permanent.

2. Bark to warn – this may be required to some owners. who want the dog to protect or to watch the house. Because a bark when a stranger or intruder into the territory of him.

3. Bark to show – as the barking answer other dogs like to say “I am here”.

4. Bark because excited or play – barking like this is short and pointed.

5. Bark because bored – dog several varieties to exercise. If you don’t exercise he is uncomfortable, and find a way out by barking or spoiled something else, such as digging the nibble.

6. Bark due to shock – caused hearing voices or see anything unfamiliar. This habit, we should solve as soon as possible.

7. Bark because lonely or feel uneasySome of the many dog owners may have a change of address or new environment will feel more anxious.

How to training a dog’s bark.
     A barking dog when someone runs through the house, or a postman or a cycling through, they have the idea that he is really good. Because can bark until these people pass. And this is the problem because it was developed a habit. We may be resolved by preventing the dog saw the outsiders but not the solution.

     The first and most important. We must not give awards to the barking dogs in any case, such as bark for food. If we give the dog will bark food every time for food. We need to let him know the signal to stop, such as “that’s enough” training can do when a dog started barking once or twice, we drew the attention of the dog to us by a knock on the door. (if we are at the door) when the dog to stop barking to say “Enough” and rewarding him with candy or a compliment. If you don’t stop barking took the cakes to sniff around the nose when he stopped to say “Enough” Wait a moment if there was silence, then to eat or to visit it again. You must ensure that he repeated it to come back to stop barking. Use simple tone, because if you shout he will think you cheer.

     Exercise is another good choice. Dogs that have been adequately exercising usually do not bark because not bored or nervous that it is tired. Should keep in mind that all kinds of training to take fast or slow, depend on you and your patience To avoid the punishment on the body because it will make him afraid of you than to change habits.