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Dog Care

The Best Time to Buy or Sell a Puppy.

To purchase and take care of the puppies from birth to weaning.

     The puppy that age should be adopted, it should be around the age of 45 days. Because the puppy started strong, ready to face the outside world. And the dog should be vaccine fully already is inflammatory bowel disease virus and measles virus, which if the puppy get these. And no immune enough, and when the show symptoms of the disease, more than 70% puppy will die. The first vaccination needle at the age of 6 week. And then to already vaccinated according to program the doctor suggests to the new owner.

     Puppy with age (6-9 weeks) will not grow or too small. Will accept the new owners are easy and start weaning. Concluded that the aged dogs should adopted should be between 2-3 months. Choosing a puppy has simple principle is that look cheerful puppy eyes clear, you should try to squeeze the nose gently. See if snot out clear or concentrate, usually he will have water. And the nose is wet.

Skin and Vaccinated

     you should see if there is any skin disease without blister or hemorrhages. The puppy age must be vaccinated before 1 times. So you will need to provide certification vaccination. Which should be coupled with the puppy and must have the signatures of the vet with license therapy animal disease properly certified with.


     The puppy is not weaned still need to feed milk. And should be milk powder produced for the puppy in particular. Because of the vitamins, minerals and essential components in proper ratio. Your puppy diarrhea may be due to the problem in the digestion of milk. The solution is to music together before and water minerals instead, or try to change the brand. Or the type of milk, such as changing a soy milk, etc. no milk mineral water instead. In addition, a severe, such as diarrhea, more than 1 days. It will need to find a vet.