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The Dog from a Breeder

     The source of each puppy may come from the breeding of many types and if we know that the breeding in kind. It is very useful in our decision by we can distinguish breeder out about 3 types together each category will have different advantages drawbacks which you can choose the breeding according to the following categories.

A professional breeder
The breed in this group can often hear the reputation both in the breeding of dogs and the dog contest Held that the group of breeders and most reliable. Important characteristics of these breeder is a large farm dogs only culture species. Produce puppies out consistently high quality.

     If you want to buy a dog from the breeding of this group, you can find the on magazine about pets or website. The breeding of this group was to promote popular farm and knowledge about raising dogs it directly. When you connect to a farm, most farm owners to make an appointment for you to see the dog at the farm directly. This is great for you to see the actual condition of the dog. Including the atmosphere and environment of the farm.

     The farm owner to cross examine you carefully what you buy a dog with the purpose of any If you want to take the dog to the breeding sales the same farm owners often refused to sell the dog. The purpose of raising and selling dog breeder of this group is the development of dog breeds than breeding to trade. And most often ordered breeders level champions from abroad the puppies from breeding a dog with a quality level that can be sent to the contest.

     You will be a dog quality but there will be a higher price, the price of a dog from the breeding of other types.

The breeding of a hobby.
This dog breeder, often only a few and are skilled in dog breeding, only a few species. Some specialize in dog breeding species. And often is a member with their dog association because varieties. Each year the breeding this may dog breeding out only 1 to 2 litter. And may have the dog out less than that.

     The advantages of this type is the author will be attentive to both dog breeders as well. At the same time can also be attentive puppy in every family. The puppy from the breeding of this type often vaccination certificate. The breeding in this group is often the puppy manufacturer standard in one level.

     And if the breed of dog was chosen carefully, then. The dog from the breeding of these some it can walk into the contest.

The breeding of a amateur.
To buy a dog from this group are most vulnerable. Because the author this group is producing puppies out in large quantities. By always started from choosing feed bitch and wait until age breeding. And the breed with the receiving a stud Until a puppy. Some may keep treat left brought out all.

     Buying a puppy from an amateur this may have advantages in that price. But can not guarantee that the dog has a great varieties and mettle will be. If you have good appearance, as well as breeder, with good looks. Puppy buyers look good in the cover. But if the hope to the contest from the dog breeder groups hope seems to be very little.

     However, if you only want to have a dog as a baby and friend. You can choose to buy a dog from the breeding groups anywhere you just to see the place and get to know the dog breeders.

     Because good puppy stands strong parents no disease. In other words, the dog looks like it should be. For example, the Golden retriever sleeping all the time. No wonder there are unusual behavior and transfer to the puppy. If you are going to buy and happen to postpone the decision. A good dog, there are still many for you to choose. Better hurry up to purchase and have to deal with the aggressive behavior and problems to solve ceaselessly.