full life of warm relationship with the dogs.

Dog Care

The nutrients needed for the dog.

     Growing dogs they need carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fat, minerals, water, different quantity. If you want to make the dog eat should be the main component with rice, meat, vegetables, and improve the taste deliciously. Because of the dog. Have the taste buds. The same if the food you do good, tastes like a dog would like and eat, should change the food alternating circulation? Dogs should not eat of the repeated all the time because will make any sort of dog nutrition Make a health problem in the future, foods, eggs should not eat raw eggs or boiled eggs. Because the egg protein is not absorbed into the body the dog should cooked by frying or boil will be useful to your dog than foods, the liver. Many people like to eat because dogs are easy to find and dogs like it too, but dogs should not eat every day, providing food, such as liver soup. Grilled liver to dog every day had the problem of bone. Because the liver is the balance of minerals is an element in the body. Is your dog a bone fracture, some easy if you want the dog to eat the liver. It should increase the supplement a vitamin. Or calcium can help solve this problem.

Principles of selecting food for the dog.
     1. Must consider that your dog at any age, as a child, as a young or old age. The formula of mixed food suitable to age of the dog, mix proportion of nutrients by the wrong formula will play an important role in the dog is still in its infancy.

     2. Canned food or food grain and 2 are useful for your dog equal. That the dog would like to eat depends on what kind of If a can is easy to eat because of the smell, have water and delicious than tablets. In order to save the cost.

Feeding Guide for Dogs.
     1. given in advance by using food grain container set on the tray with water to prevent the ants, calculated according to the quantity of eating in every day. Should draw in a little too. In this case, the dog, you will eat all day and night. It is convenient for the owner, that rarely at home raising dogs. The water enough. Should not be fresh when left for a long time. To make spoiled rotten harm the dog. The disadvantage of providing this type of food. To make, we do not know that the dog did eat, or eat less, or did not eat it. In this case, we would know again that when some dogs lean or uncomfortable.

     2. Feed on the time. To make the dog knows his time automatically. When the time comes, your dog will wait for food. If it is not, it claims to beg for food by walking along or barking cry hands climb a door or wall. Some dogs will slowly eat. Some will eat without check. The dish is much less just where the time limit of the dog should eat a 20-30 minutes. Then the stored in meals. A Puppy with age 6 month should be to eat a meal 3 6-12 month should eat meals a day 2 age 1 years to eat each day 1 time. The mother dog stomach 1 months to eat a meal 2 second month to eat 3 meal.

     3. Feed according to the quantity of eating of each dog. Each dog is eating habits are different. Some eat less. Some eat a lot. This is good to feed The dog has nutrients. But you will have time to control the eating of all the dogs.

     The problem that the dog be there was one. The change of dog food Found that some dogs refuse to accept a new food to them. The correct method to adjust the dog eating new must do it gradually. By the first week should bring food, old and new, to get together in 1 ratio on 4 not to forget the taste of old dog food week 2 ratio food is a new 1 per week 2 enough 3 was added. A 3 per 4 next week and try new foods only. Your dog will get used and accepted a new food, by default. The change of new food is good for the dog is mentioned above. It made the dogs get other nutrients circulation completely if the dog does not accept the pet to deal with, and gradually change by time. Which may be longer than 4 week. If the dog is a dog that is stubborn and unwilling to change the food easily.

Dogs do not eat food that has changed.

     The problem of the dog is a dog will not eat something else. The shepherd uneasy afraid of dogs are thin. The fact that the dog adjust themselves very well. The dog can eat everything as we supply but can be gradually, such as hot way, but the meat is slowly starting to eat. Vegetables and other, but who must remain solid if it is not eating, the owner must keep that food, then the next meal will make new. Most dogs can carry not willing to eat it.