Vaccination Schedule for Dogs.

     The vaccine is to stimulate the immune response to viral disease. Usually the puppy is immune from the mother and prevent various diseases about 6-8 week. Then the puppy with immunity from mother down The puppy may get germs and disease. But should not be vaccinated puppies too early. Because the puppy remained immune from congenital from mother protecting him. Vaccination timing would interfere with immune received from my mother. If vaccine too early to cannot prevent disease. Cause and get up. We should give the puppy vaccinated at the age of 6 – 8 weeks and can Vaccination Rabies when the Puppy was 3 months old.

The most serious infectious disease virus.
– Infections enteritis from  parvovirus (Canine Parvo Virus).
– Canine distemper (Canine Distemper Virus).
The 2 disease, an opportunity to make the dog died of the 90%. This is the reason why the vaccine is necessary very much for puppies.



4-6 week – Parasites and Examination.
6-8 week – Combined Vaccine 5 disease. (The 1st time) and Deworming.
10 week – Combined Vaccine 5 disease. (The 2nd time)
– Deworming.
12 week – Combined Vaccine 5 diseases. (The 3rd time)
– Rabies Vaccine and Deworming.
14 week – Start protecting heart worm.
– Stool examination and parasites.
Age 1 years. – Rabies Vaccine. Each year 1 times.
– Vaccination against canine distemper disease and Vaccine inflammatory bowel disease. 1 times.
– Health check, check stools and Deworming every 6 months.
– Check the Heart worm.
– In addition, the dog should be protected Heart worm every month.
– Parasites in bowel every 3-6 month.
– Contraception, sterilization when the dog was 8 month – 1 years.

* * * Combined Vaccine 5 Disease Consists of * * *.

– Distemper disease (Canine Distemper).
– Inflammatory bowel disease (Canine viral enteritis).
– Hepatitis (Infectious Canine Hepatitis),
– Leptospirosis (Leptospirosis).
– Disease, bronchitis, contact (Kennel Cough).