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West Highland White Terrier

     West Highland White Terrier or sometimes called briefly that “Westie” or “Westy” this breed originated in Scotland and is a small dog. Because it was a hunting dog before it had the habit of courage and was dubbed “The big dog in a small shape.” like fun, likes to play with children. Make him dog friends as well. And it will make your life colorful and laughter. The body balance, strong, with good body structure, straight back and torso back full strength from the muscles of the legs, the length of hair around 2 inches. A white fur is quite strong, but the undercoat is soft, longer hair on the back and sides. There should be a hair cut short in the neck and around the fur shoulder important to consider. Fur neck top to leave it, which is unique by the spread is a circle around the face. Westy will last approximately 15 years.

The character of varieties.

     West Highland White Terrier has habits such as Terrier traditional is keen, careful, and full of confidence yourself is more important. They like the feel. Is a species that healthy and happy to travel in all weather. The track owners everywhere. They are extremely loyal dog, but often stubborn, so should the train but very soon the bark is a natural behavior for terrier breeds.

The breed standard.

Size – the size should not exceed 11 inches in the female should not exceed 10 inches. If the wrong about that little acceptable. This breed of dog is a dog compact with proportion and good balance. Have short legs but strong bones.
The wrong mannerwith a height of more or less defined, there are big bones.

Head – is rounded. When viewed from the front, with appropriate proportions of the body, the eyes that curious, like research, pitching in a position away. Are medium size. The shape of an almond, dark brown.

Eye – quite deep, round eyes and glitter wise, viewed from below, there are thick eyebrow eye black.

Ear – ear small, set apart, on the top edge of the outer edge of the skull and erect ears always end quite pointed ears must not fall the hair must be cut ear nibble. Dog ear to move freely. The black dog is considered normal and popular.
The wrong mannerblade wind vast ear set close together, not straight or set too low.

Skull – width than the length slightly, but not flat at the top end is a balance between the ear has thick eyebrows.
The wrong manner – the skull is narrow, or too wide.

Mouth – not sharp, so full of vigor, a big nose, and black lips must be black.
The wrong manner – the mouth over the skull. Nose color other than black.

Neck – neck with muscular. The length of the neck to the proportion of the dog.
The wrong manner – neck short or too long.

Upper part of the body – smooth and level, both while standing or running or walking.
The wrong manner – ass too high, Thai twist.

Torso – compact proportion. Deep chest at least down to the elbows of the dog.

Tail – a short proportioned like a carrot. We stand not exceed the skull. Tail covered with stiff hairs. To match as much as possible, but not steep pointed tailbacks. The tail should not be eliminated
Looks wrong – the tail is located in a low position. Too long, very thin hair on his tail curls.
The wrong manner – tail is located in the low position and long tail too. Traditional slow tail roll on the back.

Hind leg – full with muscular, and far short legs parallel when viewed from behind.
The wrong manner – twisted legs or alarming. No angle between the foot and foot were similar to cows.

Hair – a very important time to time find the perfect dog fur coat to a second floor to the head’s hair must be pulled down. For Round Faces, The outer coat is white with a solid point about 2 inches long. While carrying the neck is shorter. Subject to grooming to get the shape according to the breed standard. Have long hair, the hair is white legs a good solid straight undercoat is soft.

Color – white hair must be according to the name of the dog.

Walking – free. Walk straight and turn back to simple, free and driving force.

Emotions – cheeky, bright, cheerful, friendly, brave, believe in yourself awake and his temper. Enthusiasm owners love adaptive dynamic Alert curiosity.
The wrong manner – timid, shy, or have the habit of fighting.