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What is Pedigree ?

     The history of the breed identification dog shows to chart of the fathers transferred to the dog to know the genetic ancestors with the ages of one to another generation. Which can know the family line of it. Can tell the transfer of good and bad blood will appear showing.

The pedigree tell you what.
Name – name of the breeding enclosure and the name of the breed.
Sex – style hair colors and patterns, and another effect.
Ear number – date of birth registration ID dog.
Common ancestors in breeding name and number of brothers in the litter.
The background of the death and the rest were much.
The contest received maximum.

     The breeding can tell something else such as planning breeding. Which is the heart of the principle of the breeding, grading of dog, the price of the dog, the quality of the dog know the advantages and disadvantages. Of the ancestors to convey to the dog. We know the dominant recessive of dogs by details. Including genetic diseases. That may be transmitted through blood.

Steps to inform breeding. and get a Pedigree.
– The breeder must inform within 15 days from the date of mating.
– The breeder must inform within in 15 days of puppy birth.
– After the birth, and in no more than 15 days go to contact the registered litter (little registration) and a number (register number). then return name dog.
– After the name dog to bring the registration, (Litter Registration) for registered association to obtain the registered dog registration certificate within a period not exceeding 6 months.
If the dog owners need certificate Certified Pedigree 3 generation dogs. To request the association.

     If it is to transfer the new owner. To the old owner sign the back of the certificate, register dogs and their owners to submit show a change you.