What to see ?

     You should ask the seller to see the puppies when stay with dog’s mother. This is how you will know that a mother dog to take care of puppies ? And you will know when the puppies grow will be approximately. Habits and emotions?

     You may have to wait until the puppy was 8 weeks before will separate him from the mother. And you should buy the puppy in the shop that clean. And try to choose the dog look happy and in good condition. To see a cheerful healthy and clean. Clean gums have pink looks healthy, trying to trace and shown that the puppy has diarrhea or not. By looking at the southern tail and back.

     Puppy fur may be dull, But it must be clean and no wound, see if they have a disability or not. Look at that dog, and turn the stomach swelling or eye disorders, and symptoms of acute move. If a case is suspected. May be asked to take the puppy to the veterinarian to detect abnormalities.

     Do not buy a puppy, weak or sick, only out of pity. Because you may need to regret later. Due to chronic problems and medical treatment has come later.

     Suggest that you should not be angry. If the seller asked about your home and what you plan for the dog. Because this is a reflection of professionalism truly sales person. The concern for happiness and safety of puppies. And assured that he can help you decide the dog that suits you. And you should get the certificate puppy breed pedigree.

     For the puppy has been signed. Registration and breeding history, which is the guarantee of the source of the puppy. The seller may be sent to you later. If the registration is with delay. Check the details that you need that puppy vaccinated?. Including parasites, and see that there are continuous treatment or prevention?.