full life of warm relationship with the dogs.

Get ready

When you are interested to buy a dog

     If you have read the advertisement dogs for sale Whether it’s on the Internet or a magazine about a dog or any other media. After you have read carefully. And thinks that the sale of dog above meet the needs and match your mind. The first thing you should do is Contact to dog owners according to number the seller dogs left. First of all you should make an appointment to see the dog. If not more than is necessary or not wasteful. You should go to see a dog by yourself at the farm. Because the journey to see the dog at the farm You will see the environment in the breeding, house condition, and the dog that you want. In particular, if a puppy It will be good because you might see the parents of a puppy.

     You will also touch the dog closely in physical and mental condition the real impact a dog, on the contrary, if the dog owners to avoid or meeting you to meet again somewhere to see a puppy. Here, we recommend that you have to be extra careful. The physical condition of the dog you may not know that the dog tired from the journey. Or is it because the dog is sick.

     When agreed meeting place to see the dog. After investigating the dog, both styles, shapes standard is completed. You must not forget to ask for the pedigree and falling leaves checkup before negotiating prices.

     If the dog does not have a Pedigree. And you think your dog is a good choice. And you did not pay attention to what the history of the dog is great. You should ask to see a health check of the dog owner. To confirm that the dog has already checkups. How many needles or vaccination. If the owner has not done you should be taken to a health check before buying a dog.

     If the dog has a Pedigree. This, it is believed that most buyers who want to take the dog to the breeder. Want Pedigree together. Because it is the only thing that can confirm that. Your dog has a history and source. And you can also set the puppy to higher if you have one pedigree.

     However, you have always thought you are the buyer is not the seller. Therefore, it is no surprise that the dog owner will set the dog more than usual If the dog have pedigrees. This is that you have to accept.

     After investigating the dog finish and the time the price agreed with dog owners. Which may be priced or may be said the price negotiable And there may be a bargain as a buyer and seller, as appropriate, price and location.

Suggestion about buying a dog

– Check the advertising message that is related to the picture or not.

– Careful announcement read beyond the reality.

– Don’t believe the picture because can Retouching .

– Should compare dog in many places, both price and quality of the dog.

– Don’t pay before you will see a real dog!

The agreed of buying the dog.

     When checking the accuracy of the dogs in the breed standard Pedigree medical examination and Vaccine. If a dog is to your satisfaction, it’s your time to negotiate with the seller again, which you may agree to it since the beginning. Nevertheless, you should request a reduction down because at least you can put the money to buy necessity for your new dog.

     After paying already You should take the dog back home by yourself. Or if you can not bring the dog back home at that time. But can get a dog the next day. Or if the seller offered to send the dog to your home. At this point you should be wary of switching dogs. Which you should be careful and should not be paid. Before you get a real dog.